10 Questions to Ask Before Your Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are considering breast reduction, it helps to know that it is often combined with a breast lift surgery to ensure that your breasts are perkier and proportional after the procedure. The perfect time to discuss your concerns and ask questions about the procedure is during your consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. Doing so will help you determine whether the surgery is right for you. Read on to learn what you should ask your surgeon about breast lift reduction procedure.

Breast Reduction Surgery

10 Questions to Ask Before Breast Lift and Reduction Surgery

  1. Am I a suitable candidate for breast reduction?
    The first thing you should know about breast lift surgery or combining it with the reduction procedure is whether it is right for you. Ask your surgeon what breast reduction can accomplish for you. They will examine your breasts, evaluate the overall size and shape, consider the location of your areolas and nipples, and your skin quality. It helps to have realistic expectations and stay healthy. To learn more about choosing the colours for your bathroom, also read:
  2. What type of breast reduction is right for me?
    There are several techniques for breast lift reduction, including surgery and liposuction. Ask your surgeon about the best option for you. They will consider the amount of fatty tissue in your breasts, your weight, and the shape of the body to determine how much reduction and lift you need. They will also give you an idea of the size of your breasts after the procedure so you can make an informed decision.
  3. Can I select the size I want my breasts to be after reduction?
    Whether you need your breasts to be more proportional to your body, or want them to be made much smaller, talk about your goals with your surgeon. Although you can decide the size of your breasts, they can help you determine the best course of action for you.
  4. How should I prepare for surgery?
    It helps to be as healthy as possible before your breast lift reduction procedure. Also, let your surgeon know if you intend to lose weight before the surgery. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, consuming balanced, nutritious meals, and avoiding using all tobacco products. Doing so will help you get through the surgery easier, recover quickly without any complications, and get the desired results.
  5. Does the breast lift reduction surgery leave scars?
    Whether you want to undergo breast lift surgery or combine it with the reduction procedure, it helps to know that all cosmetic surgeries tend to leave scars. Although they fade over time, you can discuss the placement and type of incision with your surgeon to minimize their appearance.
  6. Can reduction also make my breasts perky?
    When you opt for breast reduction procedure, you can discuss having a breast lift surgery along with it to achieve the desired outcome. This will help you get shapely breasts that are in proportion with your body and make them perkier afterward.
  7. What type of bra should I use after the procedure?
    Be sure to discuss the clothes you can wear after the breast lift reduction surgery with your surgeon. Ask them to provide you with specific instructions for your recovery period. Sports-bras with a zipper are comfortable and safe. Also, avoid wearing underwire for at least 5-6 months after the procedure.
  8. Can a breast lift reduction reduce my neck and back pain?
    If the weight of your breasts is the reason for your neck pain and backache, then a reduction with a lift should help. Most people tend to see some improvement after undergoing breast lift surgery combined with the reduction procedure. You may also consult specialists such as an orthopedist to understand the reason behind the pain.
  9. What happens during the breast reduction procedure?
    Breast lift surgery and the reduction procedure are often outpatient procedures. However, they require anesthesia, which is why you should ask your surgeon how to prepare for them. They will explain what you should do before and after the procedure. Depending on your lifestyle and routine, they will also recommend any specific supplies that you may need to care for your incisions.
  10. Can I see some before and after photos?
    In addition to having verbal discussions with your surgeon, it helps to see what breast reduction can do. You can ask them to show you before and after photos so that you can get a better idea of what the procedure can accomplish. Also, this can help you choose the right surgeon for your breast lift reduction surgery.

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10 Questions to Ask Before Your Breast Reduction Surgery

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