Reasons to Ditch Your Contacts and Get Laser Vision Correction Instead

May 10, 2015 |

Every day you wake up, get ready and have to put in your contacts. While they save you the bother of glasses, they come with their own hassles - from cleaning to replacing them to putting them in and taking them out. If you have been thinking about laser eye surgery in Vaughan, there are plenty of reasons to finally ditch your contacts and enjoy contact-free vision. Why Get Rid of Contacts Contact wearers are faced with ongoing costs, inconvenience and even discomfort at times. Just some reasons to reconsider your daily contact use include: Dry Eyes - Contacts are known for causing dry eyes, especially if you have to do several hours of computer work. Debris - Whether you ...

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The Best Anti-Aging Procedures Available Today

May 5, 2015 |

Wanting to look younger is nothing new; in fact, the search for the “Fountain of Youth” has been going on for centuries. While most anti-aging procedures come and go, there have been breakthroughs in non surgical cosmetic surgery procedures that are truly worth considering. These procedures can rejuvenate the skin and help remove or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Best Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Procedures Some of the best anti-aging cosmetic procedures are those done by a professional. While there are at-home kits and creams, these do not compare to the effectiveness and dramatic results of those done in a clinic with trained technicians using the latest equipment and techniques. Some of the best anti-aging procedures available today include: Chemical Peels - ...

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