Breast Augmentation Recovery: Instructions and Tips

October 10, 2018 | Leave a response

Recovery Milestones and Restrictions: 2-3 Days After Surgery – Light to moderate pain is usually experienced, which is managed with pain medication. Swelling and bruising in the chest is normal. A surgical bra and compression bandages can help to reduce discomfort and protect the incisions. On day 2, it is ok to have a shower. 1 Week After Surgery – After a week, most individuals are able to return to work and perform light activities. It is advised to avoid bending, lifting, and any strenuous movement. At this point, you will likely return to your doctor for a post-op appointment. 2 Weeks After Surgery – By the two-week mark, most people feel pretty normal and can begin to return to ...

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Common Laser Eye Surgery Myths

October 5, 2018 | Leave a response

The Laser is Hot –The lasers used to perform eye surgery are cold. You may have heard or been told that there is a burning smell during the procedure as well. This is caused by the laser releasing carbon atoms and is not something to worry about. The Procedure is Painful – You will be given anesthetic drops before the procedure, so you often won’t feel anything. In the days following surgery, you may feel some discomfort, but it will pass as your eyes heal. It Isn’t Permanent – Any change made to your cornea during surgery is permanent. Your vision, however, may continue to change as you age just as it would if you hadn’t received treatment. If You ...

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