What to Expect With An Arm Lift

March 27, 2019 | Leave a response

What is an Arm Lift Cosmetic Surgery? The skin on the underside of your upper arms tends to become loose with age. In addition to ageing, substantial weight loss can also cause the underside of your upper arms to sag. An arm lift, also known as Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure used to remove excess fat between the elbow and armpit. It can also help you create a toned appearance. Consulting a Plastic Surgeon for Arm Lift Cosmetic Procedure During your first consultation with your doctor, they will do the following: Examine Your Medical History It is essential for the surgeon to learn about any medications you may be taking including herbal supplements and other drugs. In addition to ...

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The Benefits of Thigh Lift Surgery

March 17, 2019 | Leave a response

Many women feel their thighs are not in proportion to their body. It could be because of their age, substantial weight loss, or due to genetics. A thigh lift surgery, also known as thighplasty, is an excellent option. It can reshape your thighs by removing excess skin and make them firmer to enhance the overall appearance. What is a Thigh Lift Surgery? A thigh lift surgery is a surgical method that can help reshape your thighs. A plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and tighten the underlying tissue, so your thighs become firm. It involves the use of general anesthesia. Liposuction is often combined with this procedure to eliminate excess fats. 5 Advantages of Thigh Reduction Surgery Removes Excess Skin ...

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How Gynecomastia Affects Men and Boys

March 10, 2019 | Leave a response

What is Gynecomastia? All men are born with a small amount of breast tissue even though they don’t develop in men the way they do in women. The condition involving enlarged breasts in men is known as gynecomastia. It usually happens as a result of the imbalance between two hormones, estrogen and testosterone, in their body. When the ratio of estrogen increases, it makes their breast tissue swell. This can make playing sports and wearing some types of clothes difficult. Before we discuss gynecomastia surgery, let us take a look at the reasons, symptoms, and diagnosis for this condition. Reasons for Swollen Breast Tissue in Men In addition to puberty, other causes of gynecomastia are as follows: Thyroid problems, affecting ...

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What to Do When You’ve Been Diagnosed with Keratoconus

March 5, 2019 | Leave a response

What is Keratoconus? Keratoconus is a disorder affecting the vision and involves the cornea or the front of the eye. It causes the cornea to become altered in shape, scattering the light entering your eye irregularly. This makes your vision blurry and distorted. Wearing glasses and regular contact lenses cannot help to make the situation better for most patients because it can lead to intolerance of lenses and discomfort. Keratoconus treatment often involves corneal cross-linking. What to Do After Being Diagnosed with Keratoconus? Here are four essentials steps you must take when you notice the symptoms of keratoconus: Identify the Source of Friction Being diagnosed with keratoconus can often cause stress. The situation usually worsens when you rub your eyes. ...

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