Using ProFractional Laser as a Treatment for Acne Scarring

November 17, 2019 | Leave a response

Skin imperfections, particularly acne, are a concern for most people. The ProFractional Laser is a highly versatile and effective non-surgical cosmetic procedure to help you transform the condition of your skin. It is the best way to boost your skin clarity, decrease the appearance of scars, and improve tone, with little downtime. It can be used almost anywhere on your body to improve acne scarring. If you are wondering whether laser treatment is effective for acne scars, read on to learn more and make an informed choice. What Can ProFractional Laser Resurfacing Improve? Here are a few conditions that the ProFractional Laser can treat: Acne scars Wrinkles Birthmarks Sun damage Vascular issues, including broken capillaries and spider veins Rough or ...

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10 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor If You Have Keratoconus

November 10, 2019 | Leave a response

Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition that causes the dome-shaped cornea to bulge into a cone shape, impairing your eyesight. You can maintain your vision with the help of qualified eye specialists providing keratoconus treatment. Although finding out that you have keratoconus may cause anxiety, it helps to know what to ask your doctor to understand your condition. Read on to learn more about this eye disease so you can make an informed choice for treatment. 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Keratoconus Is Keratoconus Common? It is a rare optical condition that affects 1 in around 500 people. The incidence of this eye disease depends on the following factors: Family history Genetic factors Geographic location, especially areas with ...

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Preparing for Your Thigh Lift Surgery

November 5, 2019 | Leave a response

Thigh lift surgery is an ideal way to improve the appearance of your lower body by reshaping the thighs. It is done by reducing excess fat or skin, resulting in better-proportioned contours and smoother thighs. It is a major cosmetic surgery procedure, which requires preparation. If you are wondering how to prepare for your thigh lift surgery, read on to learn essential things from our experts. Before discussing the preparation for the surgery, let us determine who is a good candidate for thighplasty procedure. Ideal Candidates for Thigh Lift Surgery Here is a list of requirements that you need to meet to undergo thighplasty surgery: Maintain a relatively stable weight Have excess soft tissue in the middle, inner, or outer ...

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