8 Questions to Ask Before A Hair Transplant

If you’re thinking about having a hair transplant, it’s natural to have several questions. If you are unsure of what you should be asking, or want to make sure you don’t forget anything, we’ve put together a list of some of the most important questions to ask at your consultation.

8 Questions to Ask Before A Hair Transplant

Am I A Suitable Candidate for A Hair Transplant?

Your surgeon will first assess if you’re a suitable candidate. This is determined based on factors such as age, health conditions, and your hair. If you are not a candidate, ask them about other options to regain or slow the loss of your hair.

What Qualifications Does My Surgeon Have?

Be sure that your surgeon has all of the necessary and relevant training, experience, and qualifications to perform the procedure safely and successfully. If there are any professional affiliations that have to do with the procedure in your area, see if your surgeon is a member.

What Should I Do Before My Surgery?

Depending on which procedure you’re having, there may be some preoperative things you need to take care of. These can include using a special treatment or avoiding hair products in the few days before your surgery.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Based on the size or the area that is getting treated, the transplant procedure can take a few hours or a few sessions. Be sure that you find out how long the procedure will take so you are aware of the time you need to take away from work or other responsibilities. If you have any additional questions, be sure to ask them.

How Long Is the Recovery?

Your recovery period is often approximately two weeks. While you recover, be sure to follow any guidelines and recommendations given to you by your surgeon.

Is an FUE Or FUT Transplant Better for Me?

There are to different varieties of hair transplant procedures. An FUE procedure involves having individual hair follicles removed and transplanted while an FUT procedure removes and transplants strips of hair. Typically, an FUE is the most preferred option, but conduct research and speak with your surgeon to determine which will suit you best.

How Long Will It Take to See the Results?

The final results of a hair transplant do not appear instantly. It may take several months before you see the hair begin to grow. To manage your expectations, ask your surgeon about how it will grow after surgery.

Will I Need A Second Hair Transplant?

As hair will thin naturally, you may want or require additional transplants in the future. Your surgeon can provide you with more information about this, and also discuss treatment options to slow down or prevent hair loss.

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