Comprehensive Care

In its most fundamental essence, our mission statement is:

ultimate vision. universal beauty. this is U.

What does that mean to you, the prospective patient? Simply put, we believe that our role is to collaborate with you – carefully listening to your needs, wants and desires, then crafting a strategic plan for the customized procedure that will make your ultimate vision a reality. You already possess the beauty. Our responsibility is to help you reveal it.

Our highly qualified surgeons are extremely skilled and sub-specialized in their respective fields of eye surgery and plastic surgery. Unlike many cosmetic clinics that are owned and operated by a single doctor, we employ a medical ‘dream team’ that brings laser eye care, cosmetic eye surgery and medical spa services together under one roof. Together, we have over 40 years of collective experience in delivering solutions perfected and personalized to your needs.

Still, the process of delivering excellent aesthetic outcomes and stellar customer service every time doesn’t just happen. Beyond the skill and experience of our doctors at our clinic, we have also developed best practices to ensure you receive the most comprehensive care possible. It all starts with the initial consultation. With your comfort uppermost in mind, your specific needs will be discussed and your doctor will examine the conditions you would like to change. He will answer your questions and share his opinion as to what can be accomplished by surgery for your particular situation.

If you are having a cosmetic enhancement surgery procedure, photographs and computer imaging may be an important part of your examination. With the aid of the most technologically advanced computer imaging software and digital photography system, we can show you the types of results expected from different procedures. Together, we can determine the outcomes in advance – and give you a preview of your beautiful new look.

The week before surgery you will be scheduled to visit us again for your pre-operative visit to discuss any concerns and answer any last-minute questions to your satisfaction. Your doctor will go over your written pre-operative instructions with you and may complete routine blood tests at this time.

On the day of surgery, plan on arriving at our facility at the appointed time to allow enough time for necessary preparations. Our nurse will escort you to the surgical suite. You will be able to securely stow your clothing and personal items in a spacious locker before entering the operating room, where our surgical staff will administer the appropriate anesthesia. Your surgery will then begin.

Following the surgery, dressings and/or surgical garments will be placed prior to the surgical team gently moving you into the comfortable, well-appointed recovery area where you will be monitored under the caring attention of our trained nurse for the standard 1 to 3 hours of recovery time. When your condition has stabilized, you will be permitted to return home in the care of a responsible adult, usually a friend or relative.

Of course, before leaving our facility, we will again explain your written instructions of what to expect during your recovery and how best to contact us 24 hours a day. Because we consider serving you to be a privilege, we are always available to assist you after your surgery, not just for the scheduled post-operative visit(s) but also at any time you wish, throughout your recovery period and beyond.

The comprehensive care at UELC distinguishes us, and your wonderful results will distinguish U. Visit us for a complimentary consultation and experience the difference comprehensive care makes.