Research Driven

In the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, medical techniques and technology are evolving at breakneck speed. Every day, new and exciting breakthroughs are being made, not just in Toronto but around the world. The UELC clinic has been quick to embrace new research and advances in both equipment and techniques, to emerge as a leader in laser eye care, surgical enhancement and medical spa procedures.

Of course, everyone wants to look and feel their best, and plastic surgery can definitely help boost self-esteem and increase self-confidence. The latest medical breakthroughs have gone a long way toward making cosmetic surgery affordable, accessible and effective for many. Here are some of the most significant recent breakthroughs and procedures that UELC employs to stay on the cutting edge of aesthetic enhancement:


For those who wish to get rid of fat deposits that have proven resistant to even the most rigorous diet and exercise regime, liposuction surgery has been a traditional option, but it has a downside: the recovery process. Non-surgical, proven fat removal using targeted cooling that painlessly freezes fat away without any anesthetic, surgery or downtime, is a huge breakthrough that we are proud to offer here at UELC.

Botox Alternative

When it comes to facial treatments, they sometimes need to be repeated for optimal results. Over an extended time period, some patients develop antibodies to the proteins that make Botox and its contemporaries so effective at blocking facial muscle receptors. Enter Xeomin, a new alternative that does not carry these proteins and hence cannot be neutralized by the body.


This is a multi-step process rolled into one: Imagine a fast, safe and effective total facial rejuvenation procedure that looks more natural than a traditional facelift, and produces immediate results with no downtime! Sounds heavenly, right? Using a combination of dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables, our facial plastic surgeons can take years off your face without touching a scalpel.


If a contoured silhouette is what you are looking for, it can be yours…with a procedure that is much safer than traditional liposuction. Our breakthrough non-thermal process combines the benefits of fat redistribution/grafting, skin tightening, contour correction and liposuction for superior outcomes and minimized complications for our thrilled patients.

State of the art breakthroughs, from refractive lens exchange which replaces a faulty lens with a high-tech intraocular implant for perfect vision, to fat grafting which uses your body’s own excess fat for body contouring, are being realized and utilized at UELC every day. Looking ahead to the future, there are many more exciting things on the horizon. Call or come into the UELC clinic today to find out how we can put the wonders of science to work for U.