Achieving Your Desired Cleavage with Breast Augmentation

Many individuals who are looking to get breast augmentation regard the finished size as a secondary concern. The primary desire behind many procedures is to create beautiful cleavage. When consulting with your plastic surgeon, be sure to discuss how you want your cleavage to look so they can help enhance its appearance. Also, consider the following and ask your surgeon if you have any questions.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • How Do Surgeons Create Cleavage? – If you’re looking to bring your breasts closer or even move them further apart, it is first important to examine your chest. This helps to determine the natural distance between your breasts, the tightness of the skin, and the amount of breast tissue already present. This information will help determine how the pockets for the implants should be formed. The material of the implant, whether saline or silicone, can also impact the appearance. Keep in mind that the amount and appearance of your cleavage will vary depending on your bra and clothing choices.
  • How Can Breast Augmentation Help? – Generally, there is no universal average cleavage or amount of space between the breasts. To create proper cleavage, your measurements and desired outcome are considered. If your breasts are far apart, an augmentation procedure can help bring them closer together. If, however, they are already close in the middle, a different augmentation strategy can provide more separation.
  • How Do I Get Cleavage After I’ve Already Undergone Surgery? – If after your surgery you feel your breasts are still too far apart, there are additional options to help improve your cleavage. This can involve fat grafts or a surgical repositioning of the implant pocket. If your breasts are too close, resulting in narrow cleavage, repositioning the implant pocket will often correct the issue. Occasionally, a piece of surgical tissue will be implanted to help ensure the separation desired is achieved.
  • How Do I Start the Process? – When you’re looking at before and after photos of implant procedures, pay attention to the cleavage and the area between the breasts. Also be sure to view results that don’t have additional support in the form of a bra or bikini top, as that may artificially enhance the appearance of the breasts and cleavage.

Achieving Your Desired Cleavage with Breast Augmentation

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