Baby Botox Treatments: What Are They?

Baby Botox came about as a result of trying to counteract the “frozen” appearance that Hollywood actors and actresses had. Directors needed them to be able to make particular facial expressions that the Botox prevented. Physicians, trying to find a solution to this issue while still being able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, developed baby Botox. Baby Botox is the same technique, dilution, and injection points as a regular treatment, but with fewer units of Botox.

Baby Botox Treatments: What Are They?

Who Is Best Suited for This Treatment? –Typically, the individuals who get this treatment are:

  • First-time patients who may want to test what Botox can do for them.
  • Young patients who don’t need intense treatment as they don’t have predominant wrinkling.
  • Those seeking to prevent and delay fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Individuals who only wish to slightly decrease the appearance of aging and still want to look natural.
  • Professionals, such as those in the field of acting, teaching, or entertaining who are required to make facial expressions as part of their job.

Baby Botox procedures are also used for delicate areas of the face including:

  • Under the eye
  • Lines on the side of the nose
  • Under the nose
  • The border of the lip
  • The chin

How Long Will This Treatment Last? – On average, Botox treatments last up to four months. Since baby Botox treatments are a lower dosage, they will wear off quicker. It may be necessary to repeat the treatment every 2.5 to three months.

Baby Botox Treatments: What Are They?

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