Caring for Your Vision After Laser Eye Surgery

After undergoing LASIK vision correction, the healing process begins immediately. Recovery afterwards can bring discomfort though. Irritation, dry eyes, watering and tearing, or feeling like there is something in your eye are all common symptoms you may experience. Over-the-counter pain medications and eye drops may be recommended to help alleviate the discomfort after your procedure.

Caring for Your Vision After Laser Eye Surgery

Precautions After LASIK – Most patients experience fantastic results following LASIK treatment. However, recovery speeds will depend on how well each individual heals and the level of correction that was performed. Generally, protective eye shields are worn while you sleep for a few days after the procedure to prevent damage and irritation caused by rubbing your eyes. Not irritating your eyes is crucial during the healing process.

Care After Eye Surgery – For recovery time, most people often find they are able to return to work within a few days. This may not apply to everyone, and you should follow your doctor’s orders. Being sure to follow their aftercare instructions will help to shorten your recovery time and reduce the likelihood of potential problems. Here is a list of common aftercare instructions:

  • Wear sunglasses outdoors for at least the first week following surgery.
  • Limit the amount you read for the first few days.
  • Do not wear eye makeup for the first week.
  • Don’t touch or rub your eyes for a month following the procedure.
  • Avoid physical exercise and exertion for one week.
  • Stay away from dusty environments and avoid gardening for one week.
  • Don’t participate in contact sports that could result in eye injuries for at least one month.

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