Common Myths about Breast Enhancement Surgery

If you are considering breast augmentation, you may have begun your own independent research. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths lingering out there that give patients a false (or more so, negative) impression about breast enhancements. Before you give into these myths, you may want to familiarize yourself with the facts about this safe, popular surgery and speak to a UELC surgeon to get the right advice.

breast enhancement surgery

Let’s Dispel these Myths Surrounding Breast Augmentation

These myths came about from individual biases, misconceptions about the procedure or opinions of individuals that suffered from an unsatisfactory result. It’s time to know the truth:

  • Implants look fake. Today’s innovations in breast enhancement surgery, especially the implants themselves, have come a long way. Implants done by the skilled surgeons at UELC can create subtle augmentation and elegant finishes that enhance a patient’s existing beauty. We can make your breast implants look natural so you feel confident in your appearance again.
  • Implants have to be large in order for you to get the surgery. This is untrue. In fact, our surgeons at UELC will tell you that implants need to be realistic and most importantly, proportionate to a woman’s unique body and shape.
  • Silicone implants are dangerous. Silicone gel implants have a remarkable track record for safety and are one of the most studied medical devices available on the market today. The technology has improved vastly over the past few years, which has lessened the danger previously involved with silicone implants.
  • You can get breast augmentation in Vaughan in just an hour. This is untrue and partially due to a magazine article that stated women were receiving their augmentations during their lunch breaks. In reality, it takes a few hours and may take a few weeks for you to resume regular activities depending on shape and type of implants. The fastest procedure available is the 24-hour breast augmentation offered by UELC.
  • Implants will change breast placement and may look droopy or deflated after childbirth. Unfortunately, implants have nothing to do with breast placement. Over time, age and childbirth can affect the chest wall and placement of the breasts. Patients that have significant sagging may benefit from implants combined with a breast lift instead.
  • Breast implants give me the perfect body. Breast augmentation will give you a perkier, more rounded chest. While a larger bust line can give you the appearance of a smaller waist, it can only do so much. It is important that you set realistic expectations for your entire body post-surgery. If you expect to look like a lingerie model after your appointment, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. We want you to look naturally beautiful, not to appear like someone you are not!
  • Two shapes of implant: round or teardrop. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages and that will be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Common Myths about Breast Enhancement Surgery

Visit a Qualified Surgeon for Your Breast Augmentation in Vaughan

Breast enhancement surgery is only as good as the surgeon behind the procedure. UELC employs the finest surgeons that do not look at this only as ascience; we believe it is an art that takes years of practice and depth of experience. That is what we bring to the table.We want to help bring out your inner beauty and improve your self-confidence.

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