Contact Lens Complications

Contact lenses are a wonderful way to correct refractive error (need for prescription vision correction) and have changed many thousands of individuals’ lives. They do however require very special care and attention to prevent complications that can be sight threatening.

Soft lenses are much more popular than rigid (hard) lenses because of their easy comfort. It’s important to limit wear time to 8 hours or less per day if possible; this allows the cornea to ‘breath’ and recover. Symptoms of overwear include discomfort, redness and frank pain on removal of the lenses. Overwear also makes the eyes more susceptible to infection, a sight threatening complication.

Cleaning and care of contact lenses is crucial to safe use. Remember that this includes cleaning the lens cases as well as the lenses themselves. Poor hygiene can result in lens intolerance, reduced ability to wear the lenses in the long term and possible infection that can permanently impair vision. Please consult with your lens practitioner regarding best practice. Daily disposable lenses remove the lens cleaning step and are safer – but only if the lenses are truly used as recommended and disposed of as soon as they are removed from the eye – no exceptions!

If you are unfortunate enough to have a complication – including redness, reduction of vision or discomfort, remember to seek urgent help from your lens practitioner or ophthalmologist.

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