Brachioplasty Surgery (Arm Lift Procedure)

Do you have excess loose skin on your upper arms?

Brachioplasty SurgeryWhether that loose skin comes from losing an impressive amount of weight, or the natural factors such as aging, sun damage, and genetics, you have options. Sagging skin as well as the surplus fat can be removed to give you smooth, athletic arms once again.

A range of different surgical procedures can be used to improve the look of your arms, but the most effective procedure is an arm lift, also known as brachioplasty.

What is Brachioplasty Surgery?

A brachioplasty surgery is a procedure designed specifically to target sagging skin that droops downward off the arm. It tightens, smooths, and helps supportive tissue define the shape of your upper arms once again.

Most importantly, it removes those localized pockets of fat in the upper arm region to give you nicely toned arms.

Peace of Mind with Expert Arm Lift Surgery and Technology

Unlike fat, loose skin is not eliminated by diet or exercise. Instead, you need surgical intervention. At UELC, we use the most recent technology and medical procedures to restore toned arms and help you regain your confidence.

How We Do the Arm Lift Procedure

Brachioplasty SurgeryDuring an arm lift, your UELC surgeon makes an incision on either side (frequently both) sides of your arm. The length of the incision depends on how much skin and fat we are removing.

The internal tissue is then tightened and molded using sutures, and the excess skin trimmed away and closed. Excess fat is removed using our revolutionary SafeLipo procedure.

In total, you can expect your procedure to take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on how much work is required.

Who is the Best Candidate for Brachioplasty Surgery?

Determining whether you are a suitable candidate requires a meeting with our surgeon for a consultation. However, the ideal candidates are individual that have excess skin or loose tissue under the upper arms, but they are at a stable weight and not obese.

Also, an ideal candidate is a non-smoker or one that does not have an underlying health condition prohibiting them from surgery. If you are a smoker, you can still receive an arm lift, but it is highly recommended that you must quit smoking at least two weeks before surgery.

What to Expect After Your Arm Lift

Recovery from a brachioplasty surgery requires at least 24 hours at home for rest. You will have bandages over the incisions, and a compression bandage on your arms to prevent swelling. The day following surgery, you can take a shower. Typical downtime averages just a few days, and your surgeon will provide you with pain medication to help you get back to your routine faster.

To see what an arm lift may be able to do for you, compare our before and after photos.

What Does an Arm Lift Cost?

The cost of your arm lift depends on the extensiveness of your procedure. You will meet with a surgeon during a consultation, where you will receive pricing estimates and financing options for your procedure. Our arm lifts start at roughly $7,500.

See if Brachioplasty is the Right Move for You

If you are ready to remove excess skin and arm fat for good, meet with a UELC surgeon for a no obligation consultation. Our surgeons are here to help you look and feel great. For questions, review our FAQs section.

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*Individual Results May Vary