Autologous Buttock Augmentation

After Buttock AugmentationAn Autologous Buttock Augmentation involves contouring the buttocks with your own fat tissue. This procedure involves the transfer of fat tissue into an area that has lost the natural fat. In this technique fat tissue is transferred and NOT liposuctioned fat. Most people who have lost a significant amount of weight and are undergoing a belt lipectomy procedure are good candidates for this procedure. Fat tissue from the lower back is rotated into the buttock to give a more contoured, rounded look. This technique uses a dermal fat flap and is state-of-the-art in creating a natural looking well sculpted buttock. Speak to our well trained UELC team to determine whether you are a good candidate.

Buttock Augmentation in Vaughan
Learn About a Brazilian Butt Lift in Vaughan

A curved, high bottom is an attractive, feminine feature that many women covet. Exercise routines can help, but genetics prevent some individuals from achieving the shape and size they desire. Don’t let dissatisfaction with your backside keep you from wearing what you want and feeling confident in your body. Buttock augmentation surgery in Vaughan can provide the shape, size, and appearance you desire when you look in the mirror.

What is Buttock Augmentation?

Buttock augmentation surgery in Vaughan can provide a great option to boost your self-image and enhance your derriere. The procedure offers a cosmetic solution to a sagging behind or a flat bottom if you desire more volume and shape. Reshaping, contouring, implants, and augmentation can all be customized to give you your desired silhouette.

Implantation Methods

There are different methods to create an enhanced backside. The Brazilian butt lift is accomplished by taking fat from one area of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. This provides a natural route and has added slimming benefits in the areas where fat is taken from. Silicone implants are soft and pliable and can be surgically inserted in order to add volume and create an attractive shape. Both procedures typically take two hours to complete. Special considerations must be made for a particular shape or patient circumstance.

The Best Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

The ideal candidate for this procedure is in good health and does not smoke. Those with flat, low, sagging, or deflated bottoms are most likely to have great results. Buttock augmentation will improve the curve of your backside and add fullness, but it is not a procedure intended to double the size of your behind. Realistic expectations and discussing your emotional concerns with your plastic surgeon at your Consultation are an important part of determining if you are a good candidate.

The Recovery Process for Buttock Augmentation Patients

After Receiving A Buttock AugmentationAfter surgery, you should take a week off to recover and limit physical activity. Make arrangements for transportation and care from a friend or family member. Limit movement whenever possible for the best long-term results. You will experience bruising and swelling, and some numbness and discomfort is normal in the days following the procedure. Medications can be prescribed to minimize pain and soreness.

The recovery process is different for different buttock augmentation methods. The Brazilian butt lift usually takes less time to heal because the process is less invasive. Instead of incisions, small injections are used to plump up the derriere and redistribute the fat evenly. Rest is key and you should enlist the help of family or friends if you have children. After either procedure, you should avoid sitting directly on the site. Laying down, walking, and standing are acceptable, but sitting can negatively impact healing.

Cost of Buttock Augmentation Surgery

It is difficult to put a price tag on a positive self-image and restored self-esteem. If you are interested in a buttock augmentation procedure, consider the benefits as well as the cost. Investing in your body and yourself is always a good idea. Each procedure has its own considerations and will be customized to suit your health, shape, and desired look. For that reason, a Cost Estimate can be provided after your initial consultation with a plastic surgeon in Vaughan.

Meet with Your Buttock Augmentation Surgeon

Our experienced and dedicated plastic surgeons in Vaughan will provide a personalized treatment plan, offer advice on your candidacy and suggest the best method for your desired results. With special consideration for your medical history, body shape, and reasons for desiring an enhanced bottom, we will find the perfect procedure option.

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*Individual Results May Vary