Drainless Tummy Tuck

Tummy TuckAbdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” involves the removal of excess skin and fat from around the abdomen with tightening of the muscle. This result in a toned looking abdomen. Sometimes liposuction is also performed at the same time to further sculpt the area. The techniques used at the UELC involve no external drains and are personalized with a designed to help with minimal downtime and discomfort. There are several types of tummy tucks that can be performed depending on your goals. If a flatter more toned sculpted abdomen is what you are looking for book a consult with the UELC surgeons they will be happy to customize your surgery and give you the body you always wanted.

The tummy tuck is a popular procedure for women and men looking to improve their silhouette and feel more confident about their abdomen. If you are interested in boosting your confidence and getting the body you have always wanted, consider the advantages of a tummy tuck by the experienced team at UELC in Vaughan.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck procedures involve removing excess skin and fat from the abdominals while tightening muscles. The surgery is performed in order to achieve a more flat and toned appearance. The treatment is completed by making an incision horizontally from hipbone to hipbone in order to release the skin from the abdominal wall and tighten the muscles using stitches.

A full tummy tuck procedure takes two to three hours to complete, while mini or less intensive tummy tuck options can take one to two hours. The result is a firmer, leaner midsection, although there is a risk of significant scarring above the pubic area. Many patients opt to combine the treatment with other plastic surgeries such as liposuction. The UELC team will work with you to determine your goals. We will use our extensive knowledge and experience to create a customized treatment plan.

No Drain Tummy Tuck

Woman After Tummy TuckUELC strives to make patients as comfortable as possible from the initial consultation right through to recovery. At UELC we offer the latest techniques and technology that prioritize patient safety and beautiful results.

Due to these techniques, we are able to offer the no drain tummy tuck in Vaughan. This method eliminates the use of external drains that need to be used for several days or weeks following the operation. Using safe sealing techniques to limit fluid collection, the no drain tummy tuck is a great alternative to experience less downtime, discomfort, and swelling.

Weight Loss and Tummy Tuck Procedures

Individuals who have achieved weight loss may find that their new figure features excess skin that cannot be corrected with lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. This loose skin often falls on the mid and lower abdomen region and can corrected with a tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck procedure. Enjoy the full results of your weight loss without the distraction and obstruction of loose skin.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Both men and women can benefit from a tummy tuck as long as they are in good overall health. The procedure is most effective on loose skin or fat deposits that do not change with improved diet and exercise. Post-pregnancy skin slackness, lost skin elasticity from dramatic weight gain or loss can also be addressed with this procedure. Patients who undergo treatment should be doing so for the right reasons and understand that while the results will be aesthetic, they will not dramatically transform your figure or experience. During consultations with the plastic surgeons at UELC, we will cover expectations and health concerns that range from diet and medication to mental health and well being.

How Can I Prepare for My Tummy Tuck in Vaughan?

Extensive, personalized preparation details will be given to each patient before their scheduled tummy tuck. The team at UELC is dedicated to providing attentive and personal support to each and every patient. We are happy to answer your questions at anytime – during the consultation, after the consultation even before surgery. If you have concerns about scarring, the body contour, procedure steps, or recovery process, we can help ease your worries and offer answers and resources to make the tummy tuck as easy and painless as possible. We want you to feel confident, knowledgeable, and secure as you have your tummy tuck completed by the experienced and approachable plastic surgeons on our team.

Patients are required to limit eating, drinking, and avoid specific medications and vitamins. Your surgeon will discuss the requirements with you. In addition, one or two weeks before surgery, smokers will be required to refrain from smoking, this is to promote healing and good circulation.

What About Recovery?

Tummy tuck recovery varies for each patient but most can expect to experience swelling and discomfort in the days immediately following treatment. Medication can help ease pain. Depending on the particular procedure that has been completed, patients may be sent home the same day or required to stay at the hospital for a day or two.

Guidelines for showering, changing dressings, and proper support garments should be followed. Support garments should typically be worn for 6 weeks following surgery. You will return to have surface stitches removed 5 to 7 days following your surgery date, and deeper sutures will be removed two to three weeks later.

After 3 to 6 weeks, most patients begin to feel more normal. Depending on the demands of your job, you can return to work anywhere from three to six weeks after surgery. Exercise is recommended after two weeks, although contact sports, intensive activities, and certain movements are not recommended until fully healed. A suitable program can be recommended that will promote healing, circulation, and reduce the risk of blood clots while limiting swelling.

Scarring can darken and worsen before fully healing. It can take 9 months to a year for scars to lighten, flatten, and decrease in appearance. Your surgeon will work with you to find the optimal placement for your scar. While visibility will never completely disappear, it will be covered by the majority of your clothing and bathing suits.

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What is the Cost of Abdominoplasty in Canada?

Costs for your individual treatment vary based on factors including size, scope, combination of treatments, and techniques used for the tummy tuck. UELC offers affordable and Flexible Payment Options to give you options and affordability.

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