The use of fillers and/or neurotoxins for improvement of the face is called a “Soft Lift”. This a new procedure that treats a patient’s entire face and not just one area. A combination of Nero Modulator (eg. Botox, Dysport, Xiomen,) and Fillers (eg. Juvederm and Vuloma, Belotero fillers) will work to renew your appearance. The treatment, performed by the professionals at the UELC Clinic, will work to renew your appearance by:

  • Smoothening the skin on your face
  • Smoothing crows feet
  • Adding volume to the cheeks
  • Providing fuller lips
  • Tightening contours in the skin

The non-surgical procedure can be tailored around your specific needs and after a complimentary consultation with our experts you will enjoy a superb result from your Soft Lift treatment. The Soft Lift treatment can be combined with a personalized laser treatment to further improve your face.

*Individual Results May Vary