Lip Injections and Augmentations

As you age, your lips lose their fullness and shape. When you find yourself missing your fuller, plumper lips, you might consider lip augmentation.

Lip Augmentation

Lips are certainly a 3-dimensional feature of the human face. However, your lip’s size is determined by genetics. Some people are blessed with naturally full lips, while others are not. To get the perfect proportions you seek, you want a lip augmentation that preserves the 3-dimensional aspects and gives you a natural-looking lip.

How Does a Lip Augmentation Work?

Lip augmentations today involve lip fillers. A small needle is inserted into your lips with filler material. Injections are done strategically to enhance shape and volume.

Some benefits of having lip augmentation include:

  • Restoring volume lost from aging
  • Enhancing naturally small, thin lips
  • Multiple treatment options
  • Minimal downtime

Who Benefits from Lip Augmentations and Lip Injections?

Thin lips can be devastating for a woman. Luckily, lip augmentation can increase your lip volume and reduce the appearance of age-related creases along the lip border.

To be a candidate, you need to be healthy enough for dermal fillers and injections. Candidates may have naturally thin lips or age-related volume loss.

Most importantly, you need realistic expectations. While fillers can give you maximum volume, you want your lips to look natural. Your surgeon will try to achieve a balance of fullness with the rest of your face shape.

Lip Injections

There is a possibility of an allergic reaction, so you must discuss previous allergies with your surgeon. If you plan to receive lip implants, you must address respiratory conditions, because implants use general anesthesia for the surgical procedure.

What a Lip Augmentation Cannot Do

“Permanent” lip augmentations are often misunderstood. When you use fat transfers, they are long-lasting, but you may require secondary procedures as your body absorbs the fat. Enhancement fillers, such as those with hyaluronic acid, last approximately 6 months.

The only permanent lip augmentation is lip implants and lift, which is a surgical procedure.

Lip Augmentation Cost

A lip augmentation’s cost depends on the type of procedure you receive. A lip surgery with transplants will cost more than a filler. Lip augmentations at our clinic start at $550, while injectable fillers are based on consultation. Lip surgery costs vary depending on the extent of the procedure, and if you combine other surgical procedures along with your implants.

Our centre offers financing options for surgical procedures; therefore, you may qualify for monthly payments.

Types of Lip Augmentations

Lip augmentations come in many forms. You must meet with our cosmetic surgeon who can help decide which type of augmentation is best for you. Your doctor may offer several choices, depending on the results you desire.

  • Lip Implants: Lip implants are permanent, but also require surgery. Implants provide more refined results than fillers. The surgeon makes incisions along your lip line and creates a small tunnel to insert the implant.
  • Lip Fillers: Dermal fillers offer plump, full lips in a single appointment. Injections are placed strategically along the lip, and you can expect your fullness to last 4 to 6 months before requiring another filler. Dermal fillers include collagen-based, bovine-derived, and human collagen fibres. More commonly used, however, are the hyaluronic acid-based fillers for their predictability.
  • Fat Transfer: Fat transfers are in between the surgery and dermal filler categories. Fat transfers take fat from your body and inject them into the lips for a softer, more natural lip.

Lip Augmentation Recovery Time

Your lip augmentation recovery time depends on the procedure used. A fat transfer, for example, requires just a few hours of recovery before going home and resuming regular activity.

Lip injections require little downtime, and you can restore fullness and even return to work the same day.

A lip implant requires the most recovery time because it is a surgical procedure. The procedure itself is outpatient, so you go home the same day. However, you cannot use makeup for several weeks, and you may have some swelling and bruising, which diminishes after a week or two.

What About Lip Fillers at Home?

Lip fillers advertised for home use can be purchased over-the-counter. However, these are not recommended. While they offer a temporary fullness to your mouth, without proper placement of the injection, you could have adverse aesthetics as a result.

Also, most products advertised as “lip fillers” are not injectables. Some come in the form of a serum that you apply like lip gloss. It offers plumper lips, but for the day.

Finding Lip Augmentations Near Me

Whether you want lip injections or permanent lip augmentation, the surgeons from UELC can help restore fullness and give you that youthful, sexy look you have always wanted.

Feel free to browse pictures of our lip implants before and after or the non-surgical lip augmentation before and after photographs to see what you can expect.

Schedule a consultation with a team member to discuss your options for fuller lips.

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