Augment + Mastopexy

Traditional breast augmentation is associated with considerable downtime, discomfort and pain. For some people recovery can take up to 10 days with uncomfortable bandages and minimal activity resulting in a longer time to return to work or activities.

At UELC our 24 Hour Mini Incision Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation gives you satisfying results with beautiful natural looking breasts and minimal pain, swelling and bruising. Patients have been very satisfied with their outcomes and have been able to return to regular activities very quickly after surgery.

Our modern surgical technique helps with rapid healing and most patients are able to raise their arms completely within the recovery room with very minimum no discomfort. Patients are very comfortable after the procedure and can return to activity quickly. Patients are advised not to exercise during the recovery period.

Breast augmentation surgery can enhance your figure, improve self-esteem and provide a better quality of life and enjoyment. The UELC surgeons are excited about being a part of your well-being. Our experience with modern techniques compassionate patient care will give you the highest standard and a wonderful experience in our clinic. If you are interested in breast augmentation we can help. Contact us to discuss the Mini Incision 24 Hour Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation. At that time we can help personalize your implant based on the type of implant, incision, location and your goals.

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A breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure that restores and reshapes breast that have began to sag. There are number of reasons why breasts can droop and lose their firmness including weight loss, pregnancy and aging. To restore a more youthful breast an assessment of your goals, size and shape of your breasts and skin quality need to be determined. The experienced surgeons at UELC will be able to tell you about the state of the art techniques needed to restore a well contoured breast.

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*Individual Results May Vary