The Face Lift Procedure (Is It Right for You?)

The face lift procedure, also known as a rhytidectomy, helps you reverse the signs of aging. You can finally defy gravity by lifting up your skin and restoring your natural, youthful appearance.

Minimally invasive procedures are typically the first resort when you start to lose confidence in your facial features. However, as you continue to age, you may find that excess skin drags down your face, and you need a more serious intervention.

In its simplest form, a facelift means you will lift and firm sagging skin. With the helpful hands of a skilled surgeon, you can remove years from your face.

Facelift Procedure

Why Have the Face Lift Procedure?

Facelift procedures lift and firm to give you a natural-looking, more youthful appearance. A face lift, for some, can make you feel as though you have reversed time. Your surgeon first works by removing the excess skin, smoothing any deep folds, and then lifting and tightening deeper facial tissues.

The benefits of having a face lift include:

  • Improved Self-Confidence: You will feel less self-conscious about your face, especially if you have excess skin that makes you look much older than you are.
  • Career and Personal Relationships: If sagging skin holds you back from personal relationships or affects your confidence at work, a face lift could improve your self-confidence.
  • Healthy Appearance: Sagging skin can make you look unhealthy, even if you are not. When you have a face lift procedure, you can instantly look healthier and younger.

How Does a Face Lift Work?

Face lift surgeries are based on the patient’s needs. Therefore, you will first meet with a surgeon to discuss the look you want, and the amount of excess skin you are dealing with. After this preliminary consultation, your doctor will recommend one or multiple options.

Types of Facelifts

The Types of Face Lifts: Mini, Standard, and Lower Face Lift

There are a few different types of face lift procedures. The type that your surgeon chooses will be based on the amount of excess skin and aging that you must correct.

  • Mini Face Lift: If you only have a mild amount of sagging skin, the mini face lift could be the procedure for you. This will refine your jawline, correct structural tissues, and take away that constant “tired” appearance.
  • Normal Face Lift: The standard face lift procedure is a traditional one that is more extensive and involves an incision behind the hairline and around the temples. Your surgeon will remove excess skin, smooth any creases, eliminate jowls under the jaw, and restore natural, youthful contours to your face.
  • Lower Face Lift: The lower face lift focuses on the bottom of the face and aims to rejuvenate any slack skin from the neck and jowls. It does not involve incisions above the neckline because the majority of the tightening is done from the lower half of the neck.

What About a Face Lift without Surgery?

If the idea of surgery and recovering from surgery is not something you are ready for, there are options for a non-surgical face lift. However, most of these procedures are temporary and do not offer the same dramatic changes as the traditional face lift procedure.

Non-surgical options include Botox, dermal fillers, fat transfer, ultrasound and laser treatments, and laser lifts.

What You Can Expect During a Facelift Surgery Recovery

Recovery from a face lift procedure will depend on the type of face lift you go through. However, for the first few days of post-op recovery, you will be at home taking it easy. While you must rest, you do not have to be on bed rest.

You will also have bandages and possibly drainage tubes, which will be removed by your surgeon after a few days. You will likely need some pain medication for the first couple of days after the procedure to keep you comfortable, but eventually, you can take over-the-counter medications to manage your discomfort.

Bruising is common, but these bruises and swelling will decrease by the second to third week.

Depending on the procedure, your surgeon may have you take a few weeks off from work, then resume normal activities after your post-operative appointment.

Face Plastic Surgery Cost: How Much Will It Cost Me?

Face plastic surgery costs vary depending on the procedure your surgeon decides to use. A traditional surgical face lift starts at $9999 and goes up. However, UELC offers financing options so that you can undergo the procedure without worrying about a high upfront price.

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