Face Lift

Also known as a rhytidectomy. You can reverse the effects of time and gravity and restore the natural appearance and address the early signs of aging before they take hold by doing the face lift.

The early signs of aging can be treated with a variety of minimally-invasive techniques including fillers, laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion. However, the limits of these interventions can eventually result in requiring surgical correction of wrinkles, sagging jowls and loose facial skin.

A face lift will address all of these unwanted signs of aging and leave your skin looking youthful and refreshed once more.

Men and women experience a dramatic rejuvenation after face lift surgery. In men, face lift surgery can produce dramatic age-reversing results, eliminating sagging skin that obscures the neck and jawline to restore the chiseled appearance of youth.

For women, a face lift can achieve a smooth facial contour and overall sculpted softness lost over the years. Face lifts have become one of the more popular cosmetic surgical procedures. Gone is the stigma and the pulled-back look; instead a natural, youthful U awaits!

There are different types of face-lift. Call us today for your complementary consultation at UELC.

*Individual Results May Vary