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Ear Surgery at Your Vaughan Cosmetic Clinic

Ear Pinning Surgery

Prominent ears can be a source of insecurity and concern for many people. Men and women who have large or extended ears may have endured teasing as children or simply feel uncomfortable allowing their ears to show prominently. If this sounds like you or your child, consider ear pinning surgery. This option allows ear size to be reduced or ears to be reset closer to the head, making them less noticeable.

Contact UELC to learn more about ear surgery and find out if this is the right solution for you or your children. This straightforward procedure can increase confidence and help you or your youngster shine their brightest. Let people focus on you, not your ears! Our experienced team has performed many ear surgery procedures and can offer comprehensive and friendly care, from initial assessment all the way through recovery.

Ear Surgery: How it Works

After Ear SurgeryEar pinning surgery takes 90 minutes depending on the individual case. Small incisions will be made in the back of the ear to adjust the size, location and shape of cartilage in the ear. Permanent stitches may be used to maintain the desired shape and location of the ears. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia for younger children, or local anesthesia and a sedative for some adults.

Healing time immediately following surgery will involve a large bandage, so time off work or school is recommended. Aching and throbbing may be present, but medication can be prescribed to minimize discomfort. In a few days, a light head dressing will replace the large bandages. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and wear the band appropriately to ensure proper healing. Stitches will be removed or dissolve in one week and most patients experience a full recovery in approximately one month. Most people can return to their regular routine after a week, but special care should be taken to avoid impact or rough contact with the ears.

Note that hearing will not be impacted and only small scars behind the ears will remain in the future.

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Want to learn more about ear pinning surgery and find out if this is the right procedure for you or your loved one? Contact the skilled cosmetic surgery team at UELC to schedule your appointment and determine the look and results you want. We can answer your questions and provide advice based on knowledge and experience. Receive customized procedures and reliable advice as well as responsive after-care all the way through your recovery.

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