UltraView LASIK™

The Basics of LASIK Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Center in VaughanLaser-Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis or UltraView LASIK™ is a procedure that is used to fix several eye problems; these include farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. These three conditions all affect your ability to focus on objects either near or far away from you.

Part of the UltraView LASIK™ treatment requires an eye surgeon to create a hinged flap of corneal tissue in the eye. This can be done with or without a blade. This is an important distinction to make.

Traditional LASIK involves creating the hinged flap of corneal tissue with a thin oscillating blade that is known as a microkeratome. The inherent risks of mechanical processes during UltraView LASIK™ Surgery have been the accepted norm since the early 1990s. However, the advent of newer laser technology that replaces the need for mechanical blades has offered patients an excellent alternative.

Preparing for your LASIK surgery

UELC has advanced clinics for LASIK eye surgery in Brampton, Vaughan & Toronto. Our expert surgeons, including Dr. Eric Tam and Dr. Sohel Somani, can help improve your vision. Our specialists have put together the following essentials to help you get ready for our laser eye treatment:

Before the Procedure

To prepare for LASIK surgery, you should stop wearing your contact lenses before several days. Our team will conduct the required tests to examine your eyes. Our eye specialists will plan your customized treatment depending on the results.

During the Eye Operation

Immediately before the surgery, we will give you anesthetic drops to numb your eye and reduce any discomfort. Our surgeon will create a protective flap to access the tissue of your cornea. Using laser technology, we will reshape the tissue to help improve your vision. Then, we will reposition the flap into place.

Post-Surgery Essentials

Your eye will start healing naturally after the procedure. You may feel mild discomfort and irritation for a few hours. We will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor the improvement in your eyesight.

FAQs About LASIK Treatment

As a leading clinic for LASIK surgery in Vaughan and Brampton, we often get patients asking us questions about the procedure. Here are a few of them to help you better understand what it entails:

  1. Am I a suitable candidate for LASIK vision correction?
    We will examine your eye to ensure that you are fit for the procedure. You must also satisfy the following criteria to undergo the treatment:

    • Have healthy eyes
    • The cornea must be adequately thick
    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Have a stable eye prescription for a year
    • Have overall good health
  2. What is the age limit for laser eye surgery?
    According to our eye specialists, patients must be at least 18 years old to undergo surgery. However, there is no upper limit on age. You must ensure that your eyes are healthy enough for the procedure. Even if you have had cataract eye surgery, you can undergo laser surgery to improve your vision.
  3. Is the treatment painful?
    Although patients feel slight pressure during the procedure, it does not cause pain. You may experience moderate discomfort for a few hours post-surgery.
  4. Will my perception change in the future after the operation?
    The vision is usually stable after laser vision correction. However, it may occasionally change, particularly in younger patients who have had high corrections. If your eye is healthy and the cornea is thick enough, then additional laser surgery can be performed to help enhance your eyesight.
  5. What equipment do you use for LASIK eye surgery?
    As a reputable clinic for LASIK surgery in Brampton and Vaughan, we are committed to high-standards and use advanced technology. Our UltraView LASIK™ allows us to ensure that our patients receive the best treatment.

Our All-Laser LASIK Technology (UltraView LASIK™)

LASIK Eye SurgeryAt UELC, we are at the forefront of technology with our state-of-the-art femtosecond laser. This allows us to offer the precision and better safety profile of all-laser LASIK surgery (UltraView LASIK™). Studies show that creating flaps of corneal tissue with the help of new bladeless femtosecond laser results in superior uncorrected visual acuity and quicker visual recovery, than using a blade.

LASIK Eye Surgery Integral to the ability to deliver exceptional visual results with our laser technology is the iDesign wavefront analyzer. Within a matter of seconds, the visual thumbprint that is unique to each person’s cornea is captured. The very same visual thumbprint is then loaded into our laser systems to generate a treatment profile that is unique and fully customized to each eye. This diagnostic and treatment integration within the same suite of the laser system is the key essence to an unparalleled visual performance that our UltraView LASIK™ suite can offer our patients.

Although UltraView LASIK™ has a wide indication for treatment, it may not be the most suitable treatment option for everyone. The highly experienced team of medical professionals at UELC in Vaughan will advise you on selecting the best treatment option for your eyes. Come in today for a complimentary consultation with our experts.