How Plastic Surgery Selfies Can Help Patients Heal

The emergence of the selfie culture has led to more cosmetic treatment surgeries than ever. In fact, selfies posted on social media have resulted in as many as 25 percent more plastic surgery and other cosmetic modifications.

This makes sense for various reasons. Since individuals are more aware of the possibilities of plastic surgery for self improvement, they may wish to take advantage of them. Additionally, most people desire to look their best online, especially when they are posting images for dating or employment purposes.

However, such photos may play another more significant role in terms of cosmetic augmentation. Some surgeons are now suggesting that their patients take plastic surgery selfies during the healing process.

How Plastic Surgery Selfies Can Help Patients Heal

Healing from Plastic Surgery with the Use of Selfies

How can taking photos of yourself help towards better healing post-surgery? Based on research described in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, taking selfies may increase overall patient satisfaction.

Consider the following information:

  • Detecting Complications – Perhaps the most important way post-procedure photos can help is by enabling patients and doctors to identify problems sooner. Traditionally, potential issues might only have been discovered during post-treatment appointments. In the time between those appointments, a broad assortment of issues might have begun to manifest. Symptoms that would be obvious to a surgeon may not be at all apparent to a patient. Thus, an individual might not schedule an earlier appointment to investigate what could turn out to be a health concern or other complication.
  • Greater Satisfaction – Those who take photos of themselves after cosmetic treatment may be happier altogether with the experience. In fact, close to 96 percent of patients who have taken selfies after such procedures have reported greater satisfaction overall. In these cases, the photos were taken within the first few days following the surgeries.
  • Exercise Caution – If you plan to employ this strategy, discuss the matter with your surgeon before you begin snapping shots of yourself. Taking such photos cannot substitute for proper treatment after a cosmetic procedure. Your doctor will still need to see you for follow-up appointments. You should pay attention to other symptoms that may not be visually apparent. An open line of communication will need to be established and maintained between you and your plastic surgeon.

How Plastic Surgery Selfies Can Help Patients Heal

Choose a Qualified Professional for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery

Whether or not you wish to take selfies after a procedure, be sure that you choose an experienced doctor at a reputable facility. The team at UELC is happy to utilize strategies that can help our patients during recovery. We are proud to offer advanced techniques that provide a world-class experience. If taking photos can help aid in the detection of complications, we welcome patients to do this.

You do not need to be a skilled photographer to get the right shots of your post-treatment face or body. In fact, you might want a trusted friend or family member to photograph your progress instead. Healing from plastic surgery is a process that must be taken seriously, so consider your condition and proceed carefully.

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