How to Decide on PRK Laser Eye Surgery

If you do not want to use glasses or contact lenses for clear vision, laser eye surgery may be an ideal option for you. There are many types of procedures to choose from, including Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK eye surgery. To make an informed decision about the correct treatment, it helps to consult with your doctor. Read on to learn more about this from our experts.

PRK Laser Eye Surgery

Common PRK Laser Eye Surgery Techniques

Although PRK surgeries are designed to reshape the eye, your surgeon can modify the basics according to your eyesight. Listed below are the most preferred methods for the procedure:

  • Standard PRK
    For this type of PRK laser eye surgery, the surgeon will remove the surface layers of the cornea completely with a solution or a brush.
  • Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis or LASEK
    Instead of removing the corneal layer, this type of eye surgery involves pushing a thin layer of the cells of the cornea to the side. After the completion of the laser’s work, the surgeon will place the surface layer back.
  • Epi-LASIK
    Under this technique, the surgeon will lift the corneal surface layer using a machine and replace it after completing the laser’s work.

It helps to know that each type of PRK laser eye surgery is designed to address varied issues and is suitable for different eye types. This is why comparing the results of the different types of eye surgical procedures may not be useful.

Deciding on the Right Type of Laser Eye Surgery

When it comes to making the final decision about the eye surgery you should have, be sure to consult with your doctor. They will examine your medical history and conduct the necessary tests to determine the right type of procedure suitable for your eyesight and condition. During the consultation with your doctor, they will discuss with you the details of the surgery, the type of equipment used, and the measures you should take for a quick recovery. It helps to know that this is the ideal time to ask them any questions to be clear about the procedure and the outcome. This will help ensure that you get the right treatment to improve your vision.

PRK Laser Eye Surgery Is Suitable for The Following:

  • Individuals with a corrective prescription of -8.00 or higher
  • People who have thin corneas
  • Individuals who play contact sports, such as basketball and football
  • People who regularly engage in martial arts
  • If you have the habit of rubbing your eyes frequently

We Can Help You Make the Right Decision about PRK Eye Surgery

At UELC, we offer a variety of procedures to help make your vision better and clear. We conduct a comprehensive exam to assess your eye health and determine the suitable treatment for your condition. We have a qualified team of surgeons to guide you and perform our surgeries in a clean and technologically advanced environment. Our experts will work to understand your needs and answer your questions to help you understand the details of laser eye surgery. Once you are ready, we can perform the surgery and help you recover.

How to Decide on PRK Laser Eye Surgery

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