An Overview of Implant Sizing & Profile for Breast Augmentation

If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, it helps to select the right implant size to help achieve your goals. With a variety of options available, it is essential to discuss and decide the right profile of the implants with your plastic surgeon. Read on to learn more about implant sizing and profiles for breast augmentation.

Implant Sizing and Profiles for Breast Augmentation

An Overview of Breast Implant Sizing Aspects

  • Width
    The width is one of the critical aspects when it comes to determining the right implant size for breast augmentation procedure. Your surgeon will use the dimensions of your natural breast tissue and make small adjustments, if necessary, to provide the desired shape.
  • Height
    Implants come in many heights. Your surgeon will determine the right height of the breast implant depending on your height, frame size, natural breast tissue, and expectations. You can choose round implants with identical width and height or opt for the shaped ones that come in low, medium, and tall heights.
  • Profile or Depth
    The most common profile variations of implants are low, moderate, and high. While a lower profile creates a more natural appearance, implants with a higher profile will help you achieve projection.

Different Breast Implant Profiles

  • Implants with Low Profile
    They are flat and perfect if you need minimum projection. Also, they are an excellent choice for women who have wider chests.
  • Implants with Moderate Profile
    When compared to low profile implants, the ones with a moderate profile offer more projection. They are perfect if you seek natural-looking results and are ideal for women with narrower or smaller chests.
  • Implants with High Profile
    This kind of implant is narrow at the base and offers maximum projection. They produce fuller and rounder results and are perfect for petite women with a narrow chest.

Which Implant Profile Should You Choose?

The ideal profile depends on the following essential factors:

  • Body Characteristics – It helps to remember that the same implant will look different on every patient. This is why you should consider your proportions or figure when selecting the breast implant. Your cosmetic surgeon will take accurate measurements to help you make the right choice.
  • Ideal Result – In addition to your body and chest type, it is essential to consider your goals or expectations when deciding the implant type for breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon will suggest the best profile depending on whether you wish for a fuller, rounder look or want your breasts to appear more subtle.

Safe & Comfortable Breast Augmentation Procedure

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery to enhance the shape and size of your breast, we can help. We have qualified surgeons, including Dr. Narayanan Nandagopal, to provide reliable advice. Our breast augmentation procedure can help you achieve satisfying results with natural-looking and beautiful breasts. We will work to understand your goals and recommend the most suitable courses to deliver the desired results.

Safe & Comfortable Breast Augmentation Procedure

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