Introducing the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Do you wish that you had a perfectly shaped buttock instead of a flat or sagging one?

Men and women who feel they lack that pear-shaped backside should consider a Brazilian butt lift. This surgical procedure increases not only the size but also the shape of the buttocks. Unwanted fat is removed from other areas of the body, then injected into the flatter areas of your buttock until the desired look is achieved.

Brazilian Butt Lift

What is the Ideal Buttock?

The perfect buttocks separate the waistline and back from the upper thigh. You want the region to have a smooth, general round with projection near the midpoint. Also, you do not want to sag. When your buttocks join the upper thigh, there should be a noticeable transition, but not a deep crevice.

What a Brazilian Butt Lift in Toronto Can Do?

A Brazilian butt lift performed in our Toronto surgical centres enhance the shape and projection of your buttock. Often the fat comes from your love handles and is used to improve the flatter portions of your buttock.

The lift effect is indirect, while the volume increase is the primary purpose of this procedure. Luckily, when you do the procedure, you get two-in-one because you also have liposuction that removes unwanted fat that is then of use for the lift.

Are You a Candidate for Brazilian Buttock Augmentation?

If you are interested in a Brazilian buttock augmentation, you must meet with a surgeon to see if you are an ideal candidate. Most candidates are healthy and fit. They are not going through a weight loss program or expected to lose much weight. Patients that are extremely thin or obese are not ideal candidates either. Also, you must have enough fat to harvest and inject into the buttock.

Collagen Buttock Injections

Collagen Buttock Injections versus Implants

If fat transfers do not work, you also have collagen buttock injections and implants.

  • Silicone Buttock Implants: Implants are an alternative for fat augmentation. These implants are invasive and often lead to complications; therefore, most surgeons do not or prefer not to use them unless the patient has very little body fat to use for a transfer.
  • Silicone Injections: Silicone or collagen buttock injections do increase volume and shape, but are fairly complicated. Most procedures result in hardness, pain, and shape distortion. Once the silicone is injected, it cannot be removed. Therefore, UELC does not offer silicone injections.

Considerations for the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

  • Site for Fat Harvest: To lift your buttock, your surgeon must take fat from another location. The flanks are the best donor site for this procedure, and it enhances your overall look as well. Other locations can be used, but your surgeon needs enough fat to uplift the buttock and shape it properly.
  • Limitations on Size: Your surgeon is limited on how much augmentation he or she can perform. Some factors that may reduce your augmentation size include the amount of fat you have available, the amount of fat your buttock skin can receive, and how much of your transferred fat survives the process.
  • Sitting: During recovery, you cannot sit. Instead, you must lie on your side and follow the aftercare instructions.

Incisions for the Brazilian Buttock Augmentation

You have two main incision zones with a Brazilian butt lift procedure: the harvest site and the injection site. In the harvest site, your incisions are small enough to allow the liposuction tools to accumulate fat.

You will then have 1 to 2 puncture sites per buttock where the fat is then placed.

Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift (Buttock Augmentation)

Recovering from your Brazilian butt lift takes time. Immediately after the procedure, you are sent to recovery where your surgeons wait for the anesthesia to wear off. After a few hours of monitoring, you are cleared to go home the same day of the procedure.

At home, you must rest. However, you cannot sit or lie on the affected area. You also cannot sit on hard surfaces or extremely firm surfaces. You may notice swelling, bruising, and firmness to the buttock, but this dissipates after 6 weeks.

You will meet with your surgeon 6 weeks and 6 months post-op to see how you are progressing.

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