Is Fall A Good Time To Have LASIK?

Fall is the time when the kids go back to school and pumpkin spice takes over the menu at your favourite coffee shop. But is it also a time when you should have LASIK?

The answer is a resounding yes! There are actually several reasons why autumn is an ideal season to book your laser eye surgery. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Young woman strolls in the park after having LASIK in autumn.

You Aren’t as Busy

Fall has to be the most laid-back season of all. In winter, you’re preparing for the excitement of the December holidays. When spring rolls around, you’re thinking about a summer vacation. Then, as summer winds to a close, you’re getting the kids ready to go back to school or, if you’re in college, planning your course load for the coming semester.

By scheduling your LASIK consultation in September or October, you can look forward to a winter without worrying about glasses or contacts. You’ll also be able to do your holiday shopping without your glasses fogging up the moment you step in from the cold. Cold weather is a perfect time for perfect vision!

The Days Are Shorter

People who have undergone LASIK are typically sensitive to bright light after surgery. This happens because your eyes need to adjust to their new corneal contour and heal from the corneal flap creation. Light and contrast sensitivity will be affected during this period of adjustment and recovery.

When fall sets in, the days are shorter, so even when it’s sunny outside, your exposure to light is minimized compared to the long hours of daylight you experience in summer. You also don’t have to worry about glare off the snow, which is a concern in winter. By having LASIK done now, you’ll be able to heal more comfortably.

You Avoid Allergy Season

If you’ve got spring and summer allergies, you know how they can make your eyes itchy and watery. Even if you’re otherwise a good candidate for LASIK, you won’t be able to undergo the procedure while your eyes are red and irritated. In the fall, you aren’t as affected by allergies and won’t need to delay your appointment.

The Holidays Can Be Merrier

If you’re visiting loved ones this holiday season, you won’t have to worry about: 

  • Packing or running out of contact lens solution
  • Bringing along a second pair of glasses in case something happens to your usual pair

You also don’t have to worry about glare from your glasses impacting an otherwise perfect family or group photo.  

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We believe fall is an ideal time to receive vision correction. Not only will you be better able to enjoy the glorious colours as the leaves change, but you’ll also avoid several potential pitfalls that come up during the spring, summer, and winter.

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