Is Laser Vision Correction Safe? Know the Facts!

When your vision needs correcting, you may consider laser vision surgery. This procedure has been around for quite some time now, but rumour and myth are easy deterrents for individuals who don’t have the right information. The reality is that the technology for laser eye surgery is constantly evolving, making it safe and more effective today than it has ever been in the past. However, as with any procedure, there are always risks, so you may wonder how serious those risks are and if laser vision correction is truly the safest option for you. The only way to find out and be sure is to meet with a trained laser eye surgeon and separate myth from fact.

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Ascertain Candidacy First

Laser eye surgery is highly effective and safe, but only if you are a proper candidate for the procedure. The good news is there are so many different types of laser corrective procedures that if you are not a candidate for one, you could opt for another. At UELC, over 90 percent of the individuals that come to our laser eye clinic are candidates for some form of corrective surgery.

During your eye consultation, our surgeon will look for factors that can increase your risk of an unsuccessful outcome, such as:

  • Irregular or too thin corneas
  • High refractive errors
  • Age
  • Dry eye conditions
  • Unstable vision
  • Pregnancy
  • Degenerative or auto-immune disorders
  • Large pupils

If you have a risk factor, certain procedures may be ruled out, but we can determine the best one suitable for you.

The Type of Procedure

After your candidacy has been determined, the next step is the type of laser correction surgery. All procedures are safe and as long as you consult with a professional, you can rest assured the procedure selected for your condition will be safest for you.

Some procedures that are offered here at UELC include:

  • LASIK – This procedure is designed for individuals with near and farsightedness (myopia and hyperopia) that want to reduce their prescription or eliminate glasses or contact lenses altogether.
  • PRK – Works similar to LASIK, but the epithelium is removed gently by scraping the surface of the eye.
  • KAMRA – This is designed for age-related conditions known as presbyopia. This happens when the eyes lose their ability to focus close up and reading glasses are required.

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Find the Safest Procedure for You—Speak with a UELC Surgeon Today

The only way to ensure your laser eye correction procedure is smooth and safe is by speaking with a qualified surgeon and receiving an in-depth examination. At UELC, we offer consultations and examinations to assess your candidacy and then recommend the appropriate procedure.

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