Is LASIK Worth it?

LASIK hasn’t been around for that long- the excimer laser to correct myopia and astigmatism was approved by Health Canada in 1990. Since then, many Canadians have used it to eliminate their reliance on glasses and contacts. Most LASIK patients achieve 20/25 vision or better, which is good for most activities. 

One of the biggest questions people have about LASIK is the price. Since it is considered elective, OHIP and most insurance plans won’t cover the cost. Therefore, prospective patients living with mild to severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism want to know whether the results are worth it.

Let’s answer that question (a few others about LASIK) here!

Man is recipient of advanced laser eye surgery like UltraView LASIK™

How Does LASIK Work?

Laser eye surgery corrects your vision by reshaping the corneal tissue. The surgeon will create a flap within the middle section of the cornea and remove a small amount of tissue under the flap, using an excimer laser.  The result changes the way light is focused on the retina, which ultimately will make vision clearer.

At UELC, we use a state-of-the-art, bladeless procedure called UltraView LASIK™, which offers the most individualized correction available. Your treatment is fully integrated and personalized, utilizing state-of-the-art technology that provides the best visual results possible.

Here’s how it works!

Step One: Creating your unique vision profile

A diagnostic tool called the iDesign Advanced WaveScan System is used to determine the’ individual characteristics of each eye. Using this information, your doctor will develop a customized vision correction plan that will be transferred to the femtosecond laser.

Step Two: Making a personalized corneal flap

UltraView LASIK ™ uses an advanced and blade-free process called the IntraLase method, to create your personalized flap, which is then folded back so your cornea can be gently reshaped. This technique creates flaps with fewer complications and greater stability than the blade method.

Step Three: Personalizing your vision correction

Once the flap has been folded back, the STAR S4 IR ultra-precise laser gently reshapes your cornea, guided by your personalized iDesign map. Your doctor will then reposition the flap and you’re done!

Is Ultraview LASIK™ Right for You?

UltraView LASIK ™ is a safe, comfortable, and effective vision correction option for most people, but you’ll want to confirm that it’s right for you. If you have presbyopia (loss of near vision due to ageing) or hyperopia (severe farsightedness) you may not be a good candidate for laser eye surgery and should explore alternative options like refractive lens exchange.

So Is Laser Eye Surgery Worth It?

If you’re a candidate for laser eye surgery, it can reduce your reliance on glasses and contacts, which may save you money in the long run. According to the Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology, prescription glasses can cost you anything from $240 to over $1,000 a pair in Canada, so the initial investment you have to make can soon pay off.

Do You Have Questions About Lasik?

At UELC, our goal is to help you achieve better vision. Using the most advanced surgical technology and techniques, we can complete procedures more quickly and with minimal recovery time. To learn more about UltraView LASIK ™ or schedule an initial consultation, call 416-653-8352.

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