Is the Endoscopic Face-Lift Your Answer to a New You?

You want a more youthful appearance, but you do not want to deal with surgical scars and long recovery times.

Back in the day, your only option for a face-lift was just that. However, today you can enjoy a scarless midface lift using endoscopic technology. This less invasive procedure achieves a mid-face lift, but without the hassles of surgical scars and long-term recovery.

A Scarless Face-lift

What is an Endoscopic Face-Lift?

Using endoscopic technology, which involves a pencil-shaped probe and miniature camera at the end, your surgeon inserts the device into your facial structure. With the camera, your surgeon can see video images under the skin, which allows him or her to operate beneath your skin.

Small incisions are required for the endoscope, but they are less than 1-inch in length and strategically placed where they cannot be seen. 3 to 4 small incisions are placed along your hairline or behind the ears to keep them out of sight.

If you are relatively young and want to tighten and lift, but do not have excessive skin sagging on your face, you could be a candidate for the mid-face lift procedure.

Facts and Benefits of the Scarless Midface Lift Procedure

Look Young Without Scars

While this procedure is the ideal solution for those who want to look young without scars, there are a few items to consider:

  • Not an Endoscopic Neck Lift: The scarless midface lift is not for the neck. Instead, it lifts the face. While some sagging skin can be removed during the procedure, you may require a separate neck lift to handle excess skin and double chin areas.
  • Fewer Incisions: The use of an endoscope eliminates the need for longer cuts, which gives you a better cosmetic outcome and contour.
  • The Ideal Candidate: Most candidates for this procedure have sagging cheeks, lines around the nose, thin lips, but still have somewhat supple skin. Most patients are 30 to 50 years of age but do not have large amounts of sagging skin. Excess loose skin cannot be tackled with an endoscopic procedure.
  • Improving Areas Traditional Facelifts Cannot: The biggest benefit to a mid-face lift is that you have better contour than with a conventional lift. Areas like the frown lines and creases around the mouth are easier to reach with this procedure, and your surgeon has more flexibility with their corrections.
  • More Affordable: One unexpected benefit is that your endoscopic procedure requires less time and money than traditional cosmetic surgery.
  • Faster Recovery: Because you are only dealing with discreet incisions, your mid-facelift recovery is shorter. You have less swelling and bruising, and you may find your recovery goes smoother than a patient that receives the conventional procedure.

Finding a Surgeon for Your Endoscopic Face-Lift is Easy

If you are ready to tackle loose skin and diminished volume, contact UELC. Our talented surgeons can help identify which face-lift is right for you based on your budget and needs.

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