Long Term Results Of LASIK Eye Surgery

Several factors may affect long-term vision stability in LASIK. If your glasses or contact lens prescription have remained the same for at least two years prior to LASIK, then you are more likely to have stable vision after the procedure.

Those patients who have very high prescriptions for near sightedness, far sightedness, or astigmatism may have a higher rate of regression (that is the initial effect of LASIK may wear off over time). Regression usually takes place within the first 6 months of a LASIK procedure. After an enhancement procedure, long-term stability of vision will likely ensue.

Some patients may have “soft corneas” or even require treatment for undiagnosed keratoconus during their screening exam. In the past, these cases would have been considered borderline or even non-candidates for LASIK for concern about the stability of vision after the procedure. However, Collagen Crosslinking (a procedure which stiffens the cornea), may now be carried out in combination with LASIK or PRK to reduce this potential in those patients who were previously rejected from candidacy of the procedure. This is often referred to as LASIK Xtra or PRK Xtra, indicating that the crosslinking procedure is done in combination with the LASIK procedure.

At U Eye Laser Cosmetic, the leading clinic for laser eye surgery in Vaughan, we have the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment that are customized for safe and effective LASIK procedures to ensure excellent and stable vision results for every one of our patients. Our UltraView LASIK procedure is just one example of a refractive treatment option aimed at providing patients long term visual enjoyment.

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