6 Common Misconceptions About Breast Lift Surgery

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and ageing can stretch your skin and cause volume loss, leading to droopiness in your breasts. If you are looking for effective ways to deal with sagging breasts and want a younger-looking appearance, breast lift surgery can help you. It can help restore your breasts to a more natural and upright position. However, many women are skeptical of this procedure because of the widespread misconceptions about it. Read on to learn the truth about this cosmetic surgery procedure.

6 Common Misconceptions About Breast Lift Surgery

6 Popular Myths About Breast Lift Surgery

  1. Breast Lift Cosmetic Surgery Causes Deep Scars
    This is one of the most common myths about getting a lift. Although the surgery may leave a few marks, if you consult a reputable surgeon, they can help minimize the size and visibility of the scars.
  2. A Breast Lift is Only for Older Women
    In addition to ageing, breasts can lose their elasticity due to sudden fluctuation in weight, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Hereditary factors can also cause them to sag. This is why, irrespective of your age, you can choose to have a lift if your medical history and health conditions are favourable.
  3. Only Women with Small Breasts Can Undergo this Surgery
    The size or shape of your breasts is not a deciding factor for whether or not you should have a breast lift. It helps to know that you may notice a few differences in the result post-surgery if you have smaller breasts, as compared to someone with larger breasts.
  4. You Won’t Need a Breast Lift If You Exercise Regularly
    Although regular exercise, particularly weight training, can help strengthen and tone your muscles, this alone cannot lift your breasts or change their contours. Since sagging is the result of the loss of elasticity of the skin, a cosmetic surgical procedure is the best way to get the results you desire.
  5. You Can Get Shapely Breasts by Using Supplements and Creams
    Although some supplements and creams may help improve the elasticity of your skin, they cannot lift your breast or produce substantial results. Thus, a surgical breast lift is the ideal way to deal with sagging breasts.
  6. You Can Opt for a Lift Instead of Breast Implants
    Most people believe that breast augmentation can help lift their breasts and give similar results. Although this may be true if you have good skin elasticity and minimal sagging, a breast lift is the right choice if you want to get rid of the droopiness.

Misconceptions About Breast Lift Procedure

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