Preparing for Your Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery is an ideal way to improve the appearance of your lower body by reshaping the thighs. It is done by reducing excess fat or skin, resulting in better-proportioned contours and smoother thighs. It is a major cosmetic surgery procedure, which requires preparation. If you are wondering how to prepare for your thigh lift surgery, read on to learn essential things from our experts.

Before discussing the preparation for the surgery, let us determine who is a good candidate for thighplasty procedure.

Preparing for Your Thigh Lift Surgery

Ideal Candidates for Thigh Lift Surgery

Here is a list of requirements that you need to meet to undergo thighplasty surgery:

  • Maintain a relatively stable weight
  • Have excess soft tissue in the middle, inner, or outer thigh region
  • You should not have any medical conditions that may increase the risk during surgery or affect your healing
  • You should have a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious diet and proper fitness
  • You must avoid smoking
  • It helps to have realistic goals regarding what the surgery can accomplish

The best way to know if you are a perfect candidate for thigh lift surgery is to consult with a reputable cosmetic surgeon.

How to Prepare for Thigh Lift Surgery

The preparation involves the following aspects:

  • Discussing Your Health

    During your consultation with your surgeon before the surgery, it helps to talk about your expectations and health. Also, discuss your lifestyle and the reasons why you are choosing to have the surgery. They will examine your medical records, ask about any drug allergies you may have, and discuss the outcome of the procedure. They may also ask about your current medications, including supplements, and the usage of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol consumption.

  • Getting Ready for the Surgery

    Your plastic surgeon will examine and measure your body and record the measurements. They may also take photos of your thighs before the surgery for your medical record. They will discuss the surgical options and explain to you the procedure for thigh lift surgery to help you understand what it entails.

Preparation for Recovery

Focusing on health and fitness before your thighplasty procedure and planning for recovery in the weeks post-surgery can help maximize the chances for the desired outcome. It helps to keep the following in mind:

  • Have an active lifestyle and maintain stable body weight by exercising regularly
  • Stay hydrated and be sure to eat a balanced diet, including lean proteins
  • Sleep adequately to keep your body well-rested
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption before the cosmetic surgery procedure
  • Stop smoking
  • Keep your thighs clean to reduce the risk of any infection
  • Keep enough supplies of gauze, bandages, and compression garments
  • Arrange for a family member or friend to help with aftercare
  • Follow the instructions of your doctor

We Can Help Determine If Thighplasty is Right for You

If you have sagging skin on the thighs and want to enhance their appearance, we can help you. UELC has the best surgeons for cosmetic surgery in Vaughan, including qualified professionals for performing thigh lift surgery.

Thigh Lift Surgery

We have reputable surgeons such as Dr. Narayanan Nandagopal to help you get the desired results. For more details about our thigh lift procedure or any other cosmetic surgery procedure, please call us at 416-653-8352. We will be happy to guide you!

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