What is the Procedure for Breast Augmentation?

If you want to increase the size of your breasts and enhance their appearance, breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammoplasty, is the ideal cosmetic surgery procedure for you. It requires placing breast implants below the breast tissue by a cosmetic surgeon. If you have any apprehension about undergoing the procedure, it helps to know the details involved, so you know what to expect and be prepared accordingly. Read on to learn more about breast enhancement surgery so you can make an informed choice.

What is the Procedure for Breast Augmentation?

Surgical Approaches for Implants During Breast Augmentation

Your plastic surgeon will examine your medical history and conduct a medical evaluation before the augmentation mammoplasty procedure. They will discuss your expectations and advise on the appropriate type and size of the implant for the desired aesthetic result. They will explain to you the details and help you settle on the specifics, including the incision.

Selecting the Best Incision for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Your surgeon will help you choose the right incision for you to minimize scarring and reduce its visibility. They will consider several aspects, including your anatomy and body type, degree of enlargement, type of breast implant, and your preferences to make the decision. Incision options typically include the following:

  • Transaxillary Placement – the incision will be under your arm or in the armpit.
  • Inframammary Placement – the incisions will be made in the crease below your breast.
  • Periareolar Placement – the incisions will be made in the areola surrounding your nipple.
  • Transumbilical Placement – a small incision will be made in your belly button.

The Steps of an Augmentation Mammoplasty

  • Anesthesia
    Your doctor will give you medications before the breast augmentation to ensure your comfort during the surgery.
  • Make the Incisions
    According to the decision made during your previous consultation, they will make the incision with precision, as discussed.
  • Place the Breast Implant
    After making the incision, your plastic surgeon will insert the breast implant into a pocket behind your breast tissue or under your pectoral muscle. They will discuss this with you along with the incision type and ensure you are comfortable with the decision.
  • Close the Incisions
    They will secure the incisions with layered sutures in the breast tissue and use surgical tape or skin adhesive to close the skin.
  • Recovery & Results
    Your doctor will keep you under observation for close monitoring and discharge you once you become stable. They will provide you with detailed instructions to help you recover and schedule a follow-up appointment to review your progress.

UELC Provides Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

At UELC, we use the best practices and advanced techniques for augmentation mammoplasty. We have a qualified team of doctors to help you. We have the resources and excellent infrastructure to perform cosmetic surgery procedures that meet your needs and deliver the desired outcomes.

If you want to undergo a breast enhancement surgery to enhance the appearance and size of your breasts, contact our cosmetic clinic in Vaughan today. You can also call us at 416-653-8352 for more information.

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