Reasons to Ditch Your Contacts and Get Laser Vision Correction Instead

Laser eye surgery in Vaughan

Every day you wake up, get ready and have to put in your contacts. While they save you the bother of glasses, they come with their own hassles – from cleaning to replacing them to putting them in and taking them out. If you have been thinking about laser eye surgery in Vaughan, there are plenty of reasons to finally ditch your contacts and enjoy contact-free vision.

Why Get Rid of Contacts

Contact wearers are faced with ongoing costs, inconvenience and even discomfort at times. Just some reasons to reconsider your daily contact use include:

  • Dry EyesContacts are known for causing dry eyes, especially if you have to do several hours of computer work.
  • Debris Whether you are at the beach or just in a windy area, if debris gets into your eyes, it can become lodged under the contact lens and scratch at your eye.
  • Summer Fun If you want to go swimming in the summer, you can still wear contacts, but you cannot open your eyes underwater; if you do, you may end up losing a contact.
  • Bringing Along Gear If you travel, you need to travel with contacts, fresh solution or bring along your glasses. Planning a trip means planning everything you will need with your contact lens usage.
  • Expense Contact lenses do not last forever and they are expensive to replace. Do not forget the cleaning cases, storage cases and solution costs on top of the contact lenses themselves.
  • Hassle Contacts are a hassle. If you wake up late, you have to not only get ready, but remember to get your contacts in before rushing out the door.
  • Depriving Your Cornea of Oxygen Because there is a closed object over the cornea, contacts can actually block the supply of oxygen to your eye, bringing red veins out.
  • Infection Wearing hard contact lenses or those that are not properly cleaned (or placing a contact in your eye with dirty hands) can lead to infections or permanent damage.

Get Rid of Your Contacts and Get Laser Vision Correction Surgery

Laser eye surgery in Vaughan, when completed by a skilled surgeon, can help improve your vision and possibly eliminate your need for corrective lenses and contacts for life.  At UELC, we use advanced technology such as our state-of-the-art femtosecond laser. Our patients benefit from the precision and better safety profile of all-laser LASIK surgery (UltraView LASIK). In addition, we offer 3 unique procedures using the UltraView: UltraView LASIK – laser vision correction, UltraView ReLACS – laser cataract correction and UltraView XLINKING – keratoconu treatment.

The surgeons at UELC can meet with you for a free consultation and discuss your laser correction options so that you can finally rid yourself of the costs, hassles and risks of contacts.

UELC is here to give you the best laser vision correction surgery and options. Learn more about our corrective procedures by calling us at 416-653-8352 for a complimentary consultation.

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