Reshaping the Nose with Rhinoplasty

Any cosmetic procedure performed on the face requires the most skilled and precise hand. Of all surgeries available for the face, perhaps the most precise, as well as the most popular, is involving the nose in the forms of rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty.

Reshaping the Nose with Rhinoplasty

The need to be exact comes from several factors:

  • Visual Appearance – The nose is a very prominent feature on the face. It’s directly in the centre, and when too large, small, wide, thin, or asymmetrical, it is noticeable. It can create a visual distraction and detract from other facial features, overpowering the face and dominating an aesthetic impression.
  • Size of the Nose – In comparison to other parts of the body that one may choose to have cosmetically altered, the nose is relatively small. Particular features such as the tip or nostrils are even smaller, to the point of being measured in millimetres. While to you, a lump on the bridge of your nose may seem quite sizeable, in all reality it could only measure 4mm. Because of this small size, correcting the proportions and asymmetries of the nose must be done very accurately to ensure excellent results.
  • Internal Structure and Function – Along with the visual aspects of the nose, it also serves a functional purpose. It is used to breathe, warm the air and add moisture to it, and resonate speech. How it does these things depends on its dimensions and the relationships of the internal structure. To maintain and possibly improve this functionality, the surgeon performing the procedure must have a knowledge of and appreciation for these dimensions and relationships.

The rhinoplasty surgeon will often use a variety of tools during the procedure to help maximize their accuracy. This can include anything from photographs, measurements, and pre-operative examinations. If the results desired require it, the surgeon may perform what is known as an open septorhinoplasty, where they make a small incision at the base of the nose between the nostrils to better see the nasal tissues and structure. This generally takes longer but can improve the precision.

Once the procedure has been completed, a splint is applied to the nose and held in place with special tapes. This helps the skin conform to the new structure and reduce undesired swelling and shifting.

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