Seasonal Plastic Surgery: Fall and Winter

If you are not sure about when you wish to schedule a cosmetic enhancement treatment, consider the time of year. When you have such a procedure done in the fall or winter, you may benefit in several ways. As a matter of fact, the coldest months of the year could be the best time to undergo that plastic surgery you have been anticipating. Whether you are getting a breast lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, or lip augmentation, you may want to do it before the warm weather arrives.

Seasonal Plastic Surgery: Fall and Winter

Why You Should Plan Your Plastic Surgery before Spring

In terms of getting plastic surgery or other forms of cosmetic treatments, timing is everything. By planning your strategy carefully now, you could be healed by the time you are ready for a spring break.

Consider these points if you are presently contemplating treatment:

  • Recovery Time – No matter what kind of surgical procedure you choose, you will need time to heal. You may be far more tempted to ignore your doctor’s post-operative orders if everyone around you is attending spring soirees and summer barbecues. You may feel left out of the fun if you cannot attend at least a few outings and engagements. If you talk to your surgeon about your plastic surgery recovery time, missing out on the festivities may be entirely avoidable.
  • Purpose of Surgery – If your primary purpose for being treated is to look fabulous in a bikini, you will want to ensure that you can do that by summertime. Some surgeries take several weeks to heal from. Even if frolicking in the water was advisable during this time, you probably would not feel up for it. You might also need to spend too much time concealing scars if your session is too close to the spring or summer.
  • Staying Covered – You may need to wear post-surgery undergarments for some time after treatment. In the fall and winter, it is much easier to hide these items with seasonal clothing. Bulky sweaters and coats make it much more difficult for others to detect any scarring, special undergarments, or major changes that have been made to your body. If you have undergone noticeable modification to your face, you can camouflage it with a hat or a thick scarf until it has healed.
  • Avoiding Sunlight – It is best to stay out of the sun after having most kinds of cosmetic surgeries. If there is any scarring involved, exposure to sunlight may increase the redness and inflammation. A scar must generally be protected from UV radiation to prevent excessive brown pigmentation.

Seasonal Plastic Surgery: Fall and Winter

Enjoy the Benefits of Seasonal Plastic Surgery

One of the top benefits of receiving treatment in the winter is that you can begin the New Year as a new you! Whether you are considering breast augmentation, a thigh lift, a tummy tuck, or a face lift, the pros at UELC can accommodate you. When you schedule your appointment at just the right time, you will be free to enjoy the maximum benefits as soon as possible.

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