Spring is a Good Time for Liposuction

With the snow melting and spring finally here, it’s natural to start thinking about the summertime, hot weather, vacations, and relaxing on a beach and enjoying the water. While your mind may be ready for summer, your body might not be.

If you’re considering getting a liposuction procedure to address areas of your body you aren’t happy with, spring is an excellent time. Recovery from liposuction takes approximately 4-6 weeks, during which you have to wear compression garments for some time to ensure proper healing. Throughout the slightly cooler months of spring, these garments are easy to hide under long skirts, pants, and jackets. By the time the heat and sunshine of summer arrives, your body will have healed, and you’ll be ready to show off your results.

Spring is a Good Time for Liposuction

Common Areas Treated with Liposuction

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

Individuals often choose to get liposuction to target specific areas of excess fat that will not go away, regardless of diet and exercise. It is also used to improve the body’s contours and lines if there are any irregularities or imperfections, helping to give a more aesthetically pleasing finished result. Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed around the world and is effective and safe.


At UELC, we use the SafeLipo® technique for our procedures. This technique involves three steps, separation, aspiration, and fat equalization.

  • Separation – The separation aspect involves using specialized probes and power-assisted liposuction to detach the fat from the surrounding blood vessels and tissues and become loose without creating heat. Because no heat is generated, the risk of damage from thermal energy is decreased compared to other liposuction methods.
  • Aspiration – Aspiration involves the suctioning of the loosened fat. Because during the separation step the fat was detached from the surrounding structures and loosened, smaller cannulas are able to be used to remove it. The surgeon can also use a gentler approach, limiting bruising, swelling, internal scarring, and tissue damage. They leave behind a thin and healthy fat layer, complete with blood vessels and connections to the surrounding tissue to work with for shaping, smoothing, and contouring.
  • Fat Equalization – Once all of the unwanted fat has been removed, the surgeon uses power-assisted liposuction and fat equalizing probes to smooth the thin fat layer left behind in the previous step. This helps achieve a smooth and natural end result. The extra layer of fat also helps to prevent skin attaching to the muscle, reducing the likelihood of developing lumps, waves, or dents in the areas that have been treated.

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