The Benefits of Lip Augmentation: Is It the Right Choice for Fuller Lips?

Whether you seek that sultry pout or you just feel you have lost too much volume in your lips over the years, a lip augmentation could be the answer. Before scheduling your lip augmentation at a Toronto centre, consider the benefits and facts regarding this effective non-surgical procedure. Then you can make a decision about whether it is the right option for you.

Benefits of Lip Augmentation

First Things First: How Long Do Lip Injections Last?

Permanent lip fillers do exist, but most surgeons recommend non-permanent fillers. After all, once the filler has been placed, there is no option for removing it. If you have ever searched online for lip injections gone wrong, most of those images are permanent fillers injected by non-surgical and improperly trained professionals.

If you want something more permanent, speak with your surgeon during the consultation to go over the pros and cons of each option.

Exploring the 5 Benefits of Lip Augmentation Benefits

Lip Augmentation Benefits

There are 5 main benefits of opting for a lip augmentation. These include:

  • Enhanced Facial Appearance: The biggest benefit of a lip augmentation is that you have lips which are fuller, sexier, and you feel younger. When you feel better about your physical appearance, you also have an increased level of self-confidence in professional, romantic, and social situations.
  • Natural Fullness: Unlike permanent fillers and implants, lip injections (such as Juvederm®) give you a natural look. These fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is naturally occurring in the human body. They absorb quickly and leave you with very minimal bruising. Also, you only need to repeat the injection every 6 months to maintain your fullness.
  • Gradual Increases: Unlike permanent lip fillers, natural fillers are used over time to increase fullness. If you have thin lips but are unsure how you will look with fuller ones, this is the best option, because you can add more over time.
  • Limited Risk of Side Effects: There are little to no side effects with lip fillers. In fact, side effects are relatively rare with hyaluronic acid fillers. When you meet with your surgeon, he or she will discuss any allergies and health concerns, ensuring the right lip filler is selected.
  • Quick Recovery: When you undergo a lip augmentation in Toronto, you can resume normal activity in 24 hours. Compared to other surgical procedures, this is a remarkable recovery.

Where Can I Get A Lip Augmentation Near Me?

If you are interested in lip injections, you may have questions about how much lip injections cost or want to learn more about fillers. Luckily, you have a local surgeon that can help you explore all your options and go over the benefits of lip augmentation.

Schedule a consultation with the team at UELC to see if lip augmentation is right for you. Also, you can review our lip injections before and after pictures on our website to see what you can expect from this simple, but highly effective procedure.

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