The Best Time for Laser Skin Rejuvenation

There are many reasons to consider laser skin rejuvenation procedures. If you have been a long-time acne sufferer and are wanting to correct the blemishes, scarring, and hyperpigmentation left behind, laser treatment is an ideal solution. If you are experiencing premature aging such as wrinkles and lines, a skin rejuvenation procedure can restore the youth to your face. There are many things that laser technology can help correct, and there is also an ideal time to schedule treatment.

The Best Time for Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Benefits to Booking in Cool Weather

When it comes time to schedule your appointment, it is best to make it during the fall or winter when the weather has cooled down. This time of year is ideal for ensuring the best results and letting the skin heal in the optimal conditions. There are many other benefits to having laser skin treatments performed during colder weather.

  • Covering up – Following the rejuvenation treatment, your skin will be dry and peel for up to a week. During the summer months, there are few methods to effectively cover up the areas that have been treated. When the colder weather is here, you have the option to utilize scarves, hats, hoods, and ear muffs to help cover up any evidence of treatment and its side effects.
  • Time to Yourself – While summertime often comes with frequent social plans and events, people tend to keep to themselves a bit more during the winter, preferring to spend time at home with a warm drink and good television. This is an ideal situation for those who may be uncomfortable with how their face looks right after treatment. If you are a woman with a fondness for makeup, it is recommended not to wear any for the first few days while your skin heals. If this makes you uncomfortable, planning the procedure when there is less to do, and more time alone is advised.
  • Staying Indoors – After laser skin rejuvenation, your skin will be more sensitive to light. Exposure to the sun can cause brown spots, freckling, or other damage to areas that have been treated. When you do go outside, you will need to use a high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen and wear protective clothing such as hats and sunglasses. When the weather is warm, bright, and inviting, it is much more tempting to go outside and spend some time enjoying the sunshine. Instead of having to take measures to protect the results of your procedure and risk discolouration, opt to have the work done during the winter when the colder weather won’t lure you outdoors, days are shorter, and the sun is often hidden behind grey clouds.
  • Time Off Work – Your face may be red and swollen after treatment. It may also sting or itch. While you could work, you may not want to. Winter is often a slow time for many businesses, and there are a variety of holidays that come up during this period. If you have trouble getting time off usually, you may be more likely to get it during the slower period or try to schedule your procedure during a time that a holiday can be used to recover.

The Best Time for Laser Skin Rejuvenation

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