UltraView LASIK vs. Traditional LASIK – The Creation Of A LASIK flap.

Not all LASIK procedures are the same. Traditionally, the creation of the corneal flap involves a mechanical blade oscillating at high frequency to cut through the corneal tissue. Although this method of corneal flap creation has been widely used over many years, it is being increasing abandoned by surgeons due to the potential complications of malformed flaps.

A newer method of flap creation involves using femtosecond laser technology, which utilizes an extremely fast and safe laser (at speeds in the range of a quadrillionth of a second) to create rows of tiny bubbles in the cornea in a computer-driven pattern. These bubbles connect to dissect the most accurate and reproducible corneal flap. This method is not only more precise and predictable, but extremely gentle and fast. It also eliminates many of the complications seen in the traditional bladed approach – all within 12 seconds.

At U Eye Laser Cosmetic, the leading laser eye clinic in Vaughan, we adopt only the state-of-the-art technology to deliver the peace of mind that you can count on. The Femtosecond Laser is a standard tool if flap creation is part of your UltraView LASIK procedure.

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