Thighlighting: What You Need to Know About the Newest Hollywood Surgery Trend

While the focus in Hollywood has long been on full breasts, thin waists, and shapely rears, attention seems to be shifting to another body part – legs. Models, actresses, and singers such as Bella Hadid, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez are moving away from plunging necklines and opting instead for high slits on their dresses or short rompers and playsuits to show off their legs.

This change in style and emphasis has many who aren’t part of the celebrity elite also wishing they had thighs and calves worthy of being shown off in the same manner. Those who are not able to attain the perfect legs they wish for look to the cosmetic surgery industry for assistance to help achieve the body they imagine.


What Is Involved in a Thighlighting Procedure?

Generally, each procedure is customized to the patient’s needs and requests. There is no standard set of guidelines that make up a thighlighting surgery, but it may include a thigh lift, calf implants, liposuction or contouring.

  • Thigh Lift – For a thigh lift at our Toronto clinic, you are placed under general anesthesia. It is an outpatient procedure and lasts approximately 2-3 hours. During the thigh lift, incisions are made in the groin, around the thigh area, and occasionally as far down as the knee. Tissue inside the thigh is then shaped and tightened with sutures, while excess skin is removed. Liposuction is done if needed. The incisions are placed in strategic locations to help hide scarring.
  • Calf Implants – If necessary for balancing the final result, your surgeon may suggest placing a calf implant to retain the smoothness and shape of the leg once it is healed. A calf implant is made of a solid but flexible silicone material.
  • Liposuction – To remove fat deposits, liposuction is performed. At UELC, the preferred method of liposuction is known as SafeLipo®. This method results in minimal bruising, and a reduced risk of complication, while achieving a very pleasing result.
  • Contouring – This process is used to ensure your legs are shaped well. It helps with the flow of your legs overall, and makes sure nothing looks out of place, there are no lumps or bumps, and they will heal in a pleasing way. Sometimes this may be all you need in order to achieve beautiful legs.

Am I a Good Candidate for Thighplasty?

To be a good candidate for this procedure, as with most other cosmetic surgeries, you should be healthy both physically and mentally and have realistic goals and surgery expectations. Many people choose to undergo this procedure after losing weight. If that is the case for you, have your weight stabilized and as close to your ideal body weight as possible before scheduling the surgery for the best outcome. Understand that while the procedure will change your appearance and remove excess skin and fat, your lifestyle can cause the results to diminish over time if you do not stay healthy.

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