Things to Know Before Fat Grafting

A fat transfer, which is also known as fat grafting or fat injection, is generally used to help enhance or enlarge various parts of the body, including the lips, cheeks, breasts, or butt. After their experience, many patients will have instances where they say, “I wish I had known this before my procedure.” Here are some of the most commonly expressed opinions.

Things to Know Before Fat Grafting

  • Fat Transfers Can Enhance Various Parts of The Body
    A fat transfer can be used to add fullness to the body. On the face, it is primarily used to fill in cheeks, the hollows under the eyes, and the lips. When used on the body, it is an element of a Brazilian butt lift or an alternative to breast implants.
  • Choosing A Doctor
    Be sure to select a doctor who has plenty of experience performing fat transfer procedures. They will be able to help you manage your expectations and provide you with the most accurate information. Review their patient photographs to get a more thorough understanding of their skills.
  • What to Discuss At Your Consultation
    Be sure to have realistic expectations. To help get a better idea for the procedure:

    • Ask the doctor to show you on a drawing where they will be putting the injections so you’re aware
    • Ask them to help determine what is swelling compared to what the final result will be
    • Look at before and after photos
  • There Will Be Swelling and Bruising
    This cosmetic surgery procedure causes discomfort in two areas of the body: where the fat was harvested and where it was injected. As such, it’s reasonable to expect swelling and bruising in both of these areas.
  • Plan for Recovery Taking Two to Three Weeks
    Depending on your age and which area was injected, recovery takes on average between two and three weeks. The injection site may be bruised for up to 10 days, and swelling will subside by three weeks. The donor site can be bruised for up to 21 days.
  • Fat Transfer Results Can Last for Many Years.
    Injected fat cells may die, leading to the result often being unpredictable and possibly requiring additional transfers. Once the desired effect has been achieved, it can last for a long time. Depending on the area of the body that was injected, the results will be visible for many years.

Things to Know Before Fat Grafting

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