Things to Know Before Scheduling a Facelift in Toronto

Facelifts have become among the more popular cosmetic surgery procedures, including in Toronto. A facelift corrects sagging skin, early signs of aging, and it is the most effective surgical procedure when the non-surgical options no longer work.

If you are considering a facelift, you will need to book a consultation with your surgeon. It is important that you understand the facts and are aware of necessary precautions, so that you are fully informed about what you are preparing to sign up for.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Important Considerations for Anyone Scheduling Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is common today, and with surgical technology constantly evolving, facelift procedures now involve far less downtime and look quite natural.

Here are a few things to consider before scheduling your Toronto facelift:

  • Schedule the Consultation First – Your surgeon will meet with you during an initial consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate for a facelift. This meeting will include a detailed assessment of your medical history and your expectations to make sure they are realistic before you decide to opt for the procedure.
  • Know the Different Types – The term “facelift” speaks for a category of procedures. Your surgeon may recommend a comprehensive facelift to dramatically change the way you look, or something as simple as a mini lift to correct the lower half of the face. Only your surgeon can decide which type of facelift is best for you.
  • You Have Pre-Op Instructions to Follow – Like all surgical procedures, you will be given pre-op instructions, and it is imperative that you follow them. Certain medications, specifically those that thin the blood, will need to be stopped. You may also need to stop supplements, and if you are a smoker, your surgeon will require that you stop smoking for several weeks before your scheduled surgery.
  • Stock Up – For your recovery, you want to stock up on gentle soaps, a hot water bag, hair pins, and ties to keep your hair out of your face, button-up clothing, cotton swabs, and baby shampoos.
  • Be Prepared for the Post-Op Appearance – Your post-op appearance may seem discomforting, but note that it is just post-operative swelling; and it will go away. You may also have some bruising, depending on the extensiveness of your facelift. Most of these symptoms disappear after a week.
  • Pain Levels Vary – Some people have a higher pain tolerance, while others find the swelling and pain to be unbearable for the first few days. Regardless, your surgeon will give you a prescription for pain relief. In case you do not find relief, you should let the surgeon know so you may be prescribed stronger pain medication, if required.

Facelift Speaks For a Category of Procedures

See if You Qualify for Plastic Surgery

To explore your options for cosmetic surgery in Toronto, or to see if you qualify for a facelift, speak with a surgeon from UELC. Our team is here to help you find the solution that suits your needs and budget. We are also here to educate our patients. We work closely with you to make sure you understand your procedure, what you can expect afterward, and that you are fully prepared for surgery.

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