Treatments with Broadband Light Can Delay Skin Aging

Receiving treatment with Broadband Light (BBL) has recently been shown to help delay and reverse the signs of aging on skin, helping you to look younger. This has led to BBL treatments being referred to as “Forever Young BBL”. The treatment device has flexible Finesse Adapters, allowing the surgeon to reach even the most difficult areas, ensuring an evenly treated surface and beautiful finished result.

Treatments with Broadband Light Can Delay Skin Aging

Forever Young BBL Treatments

At UELC, we offer Forever Young BBL treatment to our patients who are looking to reduce the signs of aging and restore a more youthful look. The treatment has very little downtime and discomfort as it is a non-surgical procedure, and produces excellent, lasting results that you can feel good about.

  • How Does BBL Work?

    The treatment procedure involves the usage of dual-lamp technology to deliver a variety of wavelengths to specifically targeted areas. The wavelength treatment helps to stimulate new cell growth and restore those areas to their original texture and colour. The BBL system includes an inbuilt cooling system to help control the temperature of the skin while undergoing treatment. The entire process lasts between 10 and 30 minutes on average.

  • How Many Treatments Are Needed?

    Usually between 2 and 5 treatments will be enough to correct most skin concerns such as sun damage, irregular pigmentation, discolouration, wrinkling, and sagging. For more serious issues, further treatment sessions may be required. Having regular sessions can assist with reducing the already established signs of aging and help to slow down the future development of spots, changes in texture, and irregularities related to growing older. Treatments are generally spaced approximately one month apart to allow for adequate healing and rest time in between sessions.

  • What Can I Expect After My Treatments?

    After your treatment, you will be provided with aftercare instructions by your surgeon. Your skin will need to heal, and you are advised to stay out of the sun until it has healed fully. As for visual expectations, after BBL treatment your complexion will be smoother and more even, and age spots will be diminished. Your skin will also be tightened, which will help give a younger and restored look to the face. The BBL treatment also stimulates the collagen, so over the course of the next several months after treatment, you will continue to see improvements in your skin’s texture and tone.

  • Where Else Can I Use BBL?

    Along with your face, BBL treatments have been shown to be effective at reducing the signs of aging on the arms, hands, neck, and chest. Including different areas in your treatment procedures can help give an overall youthful appearance.

BBL Laser Treatment Recovery

Contact us now to schedule your free personal consultation with a UELC surgeon to see if BBL treatment may be right for you. Our specialists can help you achieve the younger looking, revitalized skin you’re looking for. For more information, visit our FAQ page. Visit our Vaughan location to receive this specialized, non-invasive rejuvenating treatment.

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