What Are the Risks Associated with Breast Enhancement Surgery?

Breast enhancement surgery is a cosmetic procedure, but, just like any surgical procedure, there are risks that a patient should be aware of and consider. From minor, post-surgical complications to more serious risks, you want to educate yourself on what complications can arise. Hundreds of women get breast implants in Vaughan without any problems. The benefit of being aware of the risks is that you will be better prepared for your procedure and the care that you require after surgery.

Breast Enhancement

Common Risks Associated With Breast Implants

Your surgeon will go over any specific risks based on your health and family history. Some common risks associated with breast enhancement surgery include:

  • Breast Pain – Breasts will be tender after the implant surgery, but some patients may experience longer lasting pain or tenderness around the breast and nipple area.
  • Asymmetry – The breasts may appear uneven by shape, level or size post-surgery. This happens for a variety of reasons and is not always a surgical error.
  • Capsular Contracture – The tissue capsules around the implants begin to tighten, resulting in a firm or hardened breast. In some cases the tightening can squeeze the implant causing pain.
  • Deflation – The breast implant may leak or deflate entirely. This is rare, but may occur when a valve tears or ruptures.
  • Infection – If the wound is contaminated, a post-surgical infection may occur. This can start to show a few days to weeks post-surgery. In most cases, this clears up with antibiotics, but in severe cases, the implant may need to be removed.
  • Necrosis – This is the formation of dead skin tissue around the breast. Usually caused by infection, necrosis can cause permanent damage.
  • Rupture – A tear or hole in the breast implant can cause a rupture of the fluid.
  • Wrinkling or Folding – Wrinkles can occur around the implant, especially after a rupture or deflation.

What Happens if You Experience a Complication?

You will be given strict post-operative care after you receive your breast implants in Vaughan. If you experience any symptoms outside of the norm or extreme discomfort, speak to your surgeon right away. In some cases, you may need antibiotics or anti-inflammatories to relieve symptoms. Though rare, you may need surgery to correct any issues with the breast implants.

Speak with a Skilled Surgeon

Complications happen only in a handful of patients. A good surgeon will explain the risks of breast enhancement surgery, so you know what to expect. While most complications are out of your control, staying on top of your post-operative care, taking any prescribed medications, and seeing your doctor right away for any issues can prevent severe conditions.

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