What is the Purpose of Breast Lift Surgery?

Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps to change the shape of your breasts by removing extra tissue and excess skin. Women often choose to have a breast lift if their breasts sag or if they are not proportionate. It can help create more aesthetically pleasing results by creating a youthful and feminine contour, boosting their self-confidence.

What is the Purpose of Breast Lift Surgery?

Why Do Women Choose to Undergo Breast Enhancement Surgery?

Here are three common reasons why women opt for breast lift surgery:

  1. Improve Shape After Pregnancy
    Pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to many changes including leaving your breasts sagging and stretched. This is because the ligaments and tissues that support them tend to expand as your breasts get heavier and fuller. A breast lift or breast enhancement can help restore them to a pre-pregnancy look.
  2. Enhance Breast Contour Following Weight Fluctuations
    Changes in your weight, particularly losing significant amounts of weight, can cause your breasts to stretch and lose their elasticity. It also means losing volume which can alter the shape of your breasts. By removing excess tissue, breast lift cosmetic surgery procedures can help restore a more proportionate appearance.
  3. Enjoy a Beautiful Breast Shape
    Many women have had sagging breasts from an early age. If you are among them, you can get natural-looking, proportionate, and shapely breasts by undergoing a breast enhancement procedure.

How to Know If You May Need a Breast Lift

To decide whether you may need to undergo surgery, ask yourself the following four questions:

  1. Are My Breasts Asymmetrical?
    If one side of your breasts falls lower than the other, if they are not proportionate, or if they do not have a natural contour, opting for a breast lift procedure can help you solve these issues and obtain aesthetically pleasing results.
  2. Am I Happy with My Breast Size and Appearance?
    Although undergoing a breast lift can help your breasts look rounder, fuller, and more appealing, it cannot change the size of your breasts significantly. If you would like them to be larger, you may want to consider a breast lift along with breast augmentation. This can help you get the desired results in terms of both shape and size.
  3. Do My Nipples Appear to Face Downward?
    As the breast tissues begin to stretch and sag, the weight of the tissues may pull your nipple downward. A breast lift can help solve this problem by repositioning the tissues and ensuring your nipples are pointing forward.
  4. Does My Areola Fall Below My Breast Crease?
    When the skin around your breasts begins to expand, it may stretch the areolas out of proportion, making them fall below the breast crease. A cosmetic surgery procedure can help rectify this problem effectively and give you the desired outcome.

What is the Purpose of Breast Lift Surgery?

We Can Help Improve the Shape & Contour of Your Breasts

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If you are looking to enhance the shape of your breasts, breast lift or breast enhancement surgery is the right option for you. You can call us at 416-653-8352 for more information about our treatments or schedule a personal consultation by filling out our online form.

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