Why Breast Augmentation Is So Popular

For many years, breast augmentation has remained the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. It has consistently stayed at the number one spot on the list of most received surgeries year after year. What is it about breast augmentation that makes it so popular?

Women Can Personalize Their Results

The shape, size, type, and placement of the implants are all chosen by the patient to help them achieve the look they want. They can choose from a variety of options to completely personalize the result to suit them.

Why Breast Augmentation Is So Popular

Surgery is Quick with An Easy Recovery

A typical surgery will last, on average, between one and two hours. It is completed on an outpatient level, and most patients will be able to return to lighter, modified work tasks in a few days, and more strenuous activities and exercise in a few weeks.

Breast Implants Are Proven Safe

Many studies have been conducted on saline and silicone implants to determine their safety. Both have received approval and have been shown to be safe in the event of any damage or rupture, and not cause any issues or diseases to the surrounding tissue.

Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation Results Last

The results of breast augmentation surgery can last for many years. Unlike some other procedures, those who undergo this surgery will not likely need to replace or adjust their implants for several years.

A Breast Lift Will Give a Youthful Appearance

Breast augmentation or a breast lift can help those who experience sagging by giving their breasts a more youthful appearance. By inserting an implant during the procedure, you can enhance the final results.

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