Why Does Dark Hair Pop Up in Weird Spots? The Truth About Dark Hair Growth

If it has ever happened to you, it is not something you will likely forget. You are on your way to a job interview, a first date, or other momentous event, and you catch a glimpse of it in the rear-view mirror: a dark hair growth seen randomly on your chin!

You tweeze the hair, but it continues to grow back, like a persistent weed in a flower garden. Then, you notice another one emerging from your lower jawline. A few weeks later, you find one on your back. What causes this source of annoyance? What can you do to stop these hairs from showing up on your face and body?

The Truth About Dark Hair Growth

Understanding Dark Hair Growth

Before you begin to combat this issue, it may help to explore the topic a bit. First, learn why these odd hairs pop up for seemingly no reason. Then, take action to remove them with long-lasting results.

Here is what you should know about dark hair that is growing randomly:

  • Gene Mutation – In some cases, if a single hair is growing in an unexpected place on your body, it could simply be a gene mutation. One hair follicle might have strayed from the normal course of growth. This could be due to an environmental change, or it may be the result of some kind of trauma. After this happens, the follicle will remain in its new location, and the growth in that spot will continue.
  • Changing Hormones – Hormones are themost common reason for such an aberration. When women reach a certain age, this type of issue is not at all unusual. Typically, the problem manifests in females who are over the age of 40. Male hormones, called androgen, can cause the appearance of dark, coarse hair in unexpected places. When the previous balance of estrogen and testosterone changes with age, this can occur.
  • What to Do – Once random dark hairs have begun to establish their presence on your body or face, the answer is hair removal. You can use tweezers or home-depilatories to get rid of them. The problem with using these is that the results are not permanent. You may even notice hairs coming back coarser, darker and thicker than they originally were.

The Truth About Dark Hair Growth

How to Stop Dark Hair Randomly Growing in Odd Spots

Instead of using outdated, temporary techniques for hair removal, you can take advantage of the latest, lasting technology. At UELC, we offer a revolutionary method that provides enduring results. Forever Bare BBL™ is a cutting-edge light treatment that is fast, safe and comfortable. It is more effective than various techniques you may have tried previously.

We know that this kind of growth can be annoying and embarrassing. Book an appointment for hair removal treatment, so dark hair growth is no longer a lifelong problem.

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